Thursday, October 24th 2013




A new baby book – just in time for Halloween!


Get ’em while they’re young. And what better way for Satan to corrupt a generation than to introduce the youngest, and most innocent, to blood-sucking vampire babies. Harry Potter got kids into witchcraft. Twilight introduced teens to occult romance. The littlest ones are next with books like Vampire Babies. promotes the book by saying:

When Tootie gets her first teeth, it’s clear to her big brother that she’s no ordinary baby. But how to convince Mom and Dad?
It happens overnight: little sister Tootie goes from cuddly, ga-ga-googoo, I-want-my-ba-ba baby…vampire baby. Now she’s sinking her pointy fangs into everything – furniture, toys, and especially her big brother (“Youch, Tootie! No bite!”). Mom insists that it’s just a phase, but Tootie’s brother knows better. Just look at her hairline! Or the fact that all her favorite foods are bloodred! With perfect comic timing, Kelly Bennett and Paul Meisel give a fresh slant to the new-baby story, proving that even monstrous little arrivals have a funny way of staking their siblings’ affections.

“Perfect comic timing?” This is supposed to be funny? LARSON’S BOOK OF WORLD RELIGIONS, my 575 page analysis of alternative spirituality (order by CLICKING HERE) has a major section on the phenomenon of vampirism. In addition to assessing the history of belief in vampires, the book also details the reality of genuine cults dedicated to blood sharing. Certain Satanist sects practice ceremonial blood consumption to enforce their dedication to Lucifer. Other self-styled vampire groups draw blood as a precursor to sexual orgies. Since the “life is in the blood” (Deut. 12:23-24) and God has condemned the deliberate use of ritualistic blood, both curses and demons can be transmitted by blood sharing. Vampire novels have no place in the life of a Christian! If you have them, throw them out. Then seek help for deliverance for what you may have allowed into your life. Forget about Buffy. You’ll need an exorcist to slay your vampire demons.

An encouraging word: PRESUMPTUOUS SINS
What opens the door to addiction in a Christian’s life? Psalm 19:13 says, “Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me.” Presumptuous sins are those that you know are wrong before you do them. Have you ever thought, “I know this is wrong, but I can do it and later repent?” This is yielding your will to the enemy. If you continue, this sin will gain “dominion” over you, meaning it will get to the point that you (outside of God’s intervention) will be unable to resist it. This is how every addiction takes root! Stop addiction in its track. Repent (turn around) BEFORE you sin!


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