Monday, January 4, 2016


Scenes from “The Force Awakens.”
No, I haven’t seen the movie yet. Yes, I’ve seen the others, including the boring prequels. Will I see it? Perhaps, if I’m ever really bored with nothing consequential to do. Get the picture? I’m not a fan of the Star Wars sagas, so there’s no chance I’ll become an advocate of the latest entry. But my disdain goes way beyond my distaste for science fiction action films. My point in this blog is to simplify why these films have had such a spiritually corrosive effect on our culture. Witness Hillary Clinton closing her last televised debate, not with a final, “God bless America,” but a pandering, “May the Force be with you.” Why do I find these films so dangerous?
George Lucas, the creator of the franchise, was deeply influenced by a Mormon, Gary Kurtz, who turned him on to Eastern religions, namely Buddhism, and Native American spirituality. Lucas eventually studied Meso-American mystic Carlos Castaneda, a spiritualist shaman who communicated with demonic animal spirits. (See my book LARSON’S BOOK OF WORLD RELIGIONS for more details. CLICK HERE to order.) But it was anthropologist and mystic Joseph Campbell who sealed the deal in Lucas’ embracing of the occult. Lucas eventually called himself a “Buddhist-Methodist,” in deference to his childhood religious faith. Lucas called Campbell his “Yoda,” and built that elfin, Zen-spouting character into the films. I recall watching Campbell’s PBS-TV specials in the 80s. They were a clever but direct assault on biblical Christianity, equating all the truths of Scripture with ancient demonic archetypes of Greek Mythology, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. Anyone reasonably versed in Campbell’s syllogistic approach to spirituality can readily see it all played out in every Star Wars film.
To wit, the Force is a primordial energy, neither good nor evil, but taking on the moral quantification of the one wielding it. (That is a precise definition of witchcraft.) To Luke Skywalker, it became good. To Darth Vader, who went over to the dark side of the force, it was evil. Same Force. Same energy. Same power. Just different contexts depending on the motive of who used it. That is a millions miles from biblical constructs of good and evil. In Scripture, good and evil are fixed moral points, good originating with God in whom there is no potential for evil, and evil emanating from Satan, in whom there is absolutely no opportunity for good.
All the Star Wars films are ultimately based on this Hindu/Buddhist/Scientology/witchcraft/archetypal concept and as such have seduced a generation into discarding moral absolutes of what is right and wrong. “The Economist” (12/19/2015, p. 13) a prestigious international news weekly, editorially observed that the “clever technology and powerful marketing” of “The Force Awakens” may “fill a void left by the decline of religion in a more secular world.”

You don’t have to look around you very far to see it’s effect. It’s in academia, the media, the White House, and even many “emerging” megachurches. This is not to say that seeing “The Force Awakens” is a ticket to hell. That’s not the point. Just be aware of the deception of succumbing to the morally numbing effect of this, the seventh in the Star Wars series. “The Force Awakens” is a danger to anyone not biblically grounded. The Christian who sees this movie needs a deep understanding of how Lucas has so cleverly woven his diabolically confused beliefs into what some think is no more than a movie. As Isaiah the prophet warned (Isaiah 5:20), “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness.”

An encouraging word: DON’T LOSE YOUR SOUL

In the mist of all the New Year’s resolutions, think about Matthew 16:25: “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” I’m sure there are many noble things to be desired as a new beginning in a new year. But make certain that all of the worthy goals fit into this ultimate purpose, to cultivate those things which will bring spiritual health to the soul. Negatively, it may mean quitting some very bad habits. Positively, it could entail a greater commitment to prayer and Bible study. Whatever your lofty aims in the months ahead, make certain that they all are focused on preserving the safety of your soul.

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