Monday, April 27, 2015




It’s official. Ireland now joins England, America, and other Western nations in recognizing witchcraft as equivalent to Christianity, at least from a legal standpoint. All laws against witchcraft in England were rescinded in 1951. Northern Ireland has also now granted full religious status to the Order of the Golden River, a witchcraft cult. Members of the Order can have their own officially-recognized ceremonies, including weddings. This was a land where Christians in the Catholic Church heavily influenced the body politic. No more. Leader of the Order, Patrick Carberry, admits that even he was shocked at this turn of events. “We were not expecting to be recognized,” Carberry said.

Carberry had previously made news when an idol he worshipped, based on a sea deity, was removed and replaced with a cross, bearing the words, “Ye shall have no other gods before me.” (The idol was actually made by a “Game of Thrones” set creator – think of that the next time you see the show!) The Order’s leader says the “vandalism” was a “hate crime,” never mind Carberry’s hatred of the Christian faith.

Why should all of this be disturbing? Followers of this ministry have repeatedly heard me teach that Satan can only operate to the fullest extent when and where he is given permission, or a legal right. That right can be granted individually or corporately, as in a city, state, or nation. Just as a person can assert their will to permit the devil latitude, the same is true for an aggregate of people, as in an action by a government. So, what this formerly staunch Catholic country has done is allow Lucifer to “steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10) in ways not previously permissible. This isn’t democracy at work, as it’s highly questionable the good Christian people of Northern Ireland would have voted for such nonsense. This is an autocracy of godless individuals selling out the soul of a nation.

An encouraging word:

To say that you are a “creationist” in today’s world, almost relegates you to some lower realm of intellectual order. Even to say that one believes in “intelligent design” brings scoffing and derision. But the psalmist was unapologetic. The heavens declare the glory of God, he wrote in Psalm 19:1. David didn’t have a degree from MIT nor was he an astrophysicist; but he gazed at the beauty and complexity of the heavens with more incisiveness than a Rhodes Scholar. More than understanding who made the heavens, David also understood it was all done to declare the wonder and majesty of God.

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