Thursday, June 19, 2014




As I mentioned in my blog of Tuesday, I’m currently in New York City doing face-to-face Personal Encounters sessions. After a long day of dealing with demons, I decided that, with my wife Laura who is helping me minister this week, we’d head down to Times Square, the epicenter of the City; you know, where they drop the big ball every New Year’s Eve. (RIP Dick Clark.) If you’ve never been there, it’s a 360 degrees panorama of advertising with huge electronic billboards by the dozens advertising every imaginable product: movies, car, cell phones, Broadway shows, and M & M’s, to name a few. If I’d come to escape the rigors of fighting Satan, I’d run into him smack dab in the middle of Times Square. There, on a billboard at least 60 feet high, were a series of revolving promos for a new Nickelodeon teen TV series called “Every Witch Way.” The photos above, that I personally shot, tell it all. Fresh-faced, good-looking mid-teens advertise that, “At this school magic spells trouble.” “Spells,” get it? How could you miss this not-so-subtle appeal to the demonic? Thank you, Harry Potter. You paved the way well for your minions.


The show, which actually premiered last January, features a 14-year-old witch named Emma, a so-called “Chosen One.” (Of course, witchcraft is a generational curse.) She has inherited a Hexoren Book of Spells from her late mother. The youthful sorcerer has to stave off a rival witch (also with generationally passed down powers) and an evil Principal (Naturally, aren’t all Principals evil?).  And, naturally, Emma has a post-pubescent love interest. In TV Land, why would anyone be shocked that a 14-year-old is capable of understanding “true love?” According to the ratings, last TV season it was the most viewed show by kids ages 4 to 11! Now, that’s really scary.


Just a few blocks up the street, a couple of hours earlier, I dealt with real demons of voodoo in a showdown with Satan. Here, amongst thousands of mostly tourists, I was faced with the devil’s deeds trivialized on a big screen. This is what America has come to: the demonic indoctrination of sub-teens by the millions, sitcom style. Unless the Christian church gets serious about dealing with demons, our children don’t stand a chance. God help the church to get its head out of the proverbial sand and wake up before the next generation is forever lost to Satan and the occult.

An encouraging word:  CALLING EVIL GOODGod’s Word just isn’t taken seriously anymore by the majority of people. We truly live in a post-biblical culture where things that God calls evil are slighted very day. My blog today about a teen witchcraft TV show aimed at 4 to 11-year-olds makes that point. “Woe until them that call evil good, and good evil,” Isaiah 5:20 warns. Witchcraft and all the occult is evil, and nothing but evil. As a culture we’ve lost almost any recognition of what is either decent or spiritually dangerous. As I put it, we’ve been Harry Potterized into thinking that even that which is overtly demonic isn’t to be taken seriously. Think, for a moment, about anything in your life which you’ve labeled “acceptable” which God calls abhorrent.


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