Monday, March 14, 2016

Would I vote for one of these?

Finally, I am going to tell you, if you’ve wondered, “Who is Bob Larson voting for?” In this presidential election we have the wife of serial adulterer, a nearly -Communist socialist, a slightly profane billionaire, a senator who isn’t liked by his own colleagues, a son of immigrants with a spotty voting record when the senate is in session, and a guy in need of a new hair-do (not Trump). (I’ll leave it to your political acumen to fill in the blanks with names.) Sort of depressing, isn’t it. I’ve got very good personal reasons for disqualifying every one of them. But then I might be left with even worse, so I’ve got to make a choice. It’s crunch time. Who will it be?

Trump, who held up his hands in response to a questionable innuendo? Cruz, who says his favorite drink is Scotch? (There goes the teetotaler vote.) Rubio, who at times acts likes he’s on a schoolyard instead of a debate stage? Kasich, who occasionally seems to be disengaged? Hillary, who earns high marks for not being trustworthy? Bernie, who never met a tax hike he didn’t like? Get it? I can find reasons not like anyone of them, and consider them all due for an exorcism. (I had to get that in.) But what am I really looking for? A saint? Scratch that. A champion of religious freedom? They all claim that. At least someone who believes in God? Which one says that they don’t?

It all boils down to this. I don’t need a president who can save my soul. I need someone who can save this country! Make it respected again. Keep terrorists and drug dealers out. Yes, even make America feared again as a country that despots had better not mess with. Let the church be the church and do its job. I don’t need a religious zealous to help me keep my faith. I need someone who will defeat ISIS, demand respect for American interests around the world, and get the middle class back on track to succeed again. Leave the demons to me and Jesus. Leave religious liberty to groups like ADF and Liberty Counsel. Leave the gospel to faithful pastors of the flock. We’ll save the souls, but Next-Mr. President, you save America. I’d love for you to put God first, but I’m voting for you to put America first.

An encouraging word: OUR GOD IS HOLY
“You are holy.” Those words of 22:3 are what separate Judaism and Christianity from all other religions. Mohammed, by the admission of Muslims, conquered by the sword and killed in the name of his religion to conquer those in opposition. In Hinduism, in the “Bhagavad Gita”, Arjuna instructs Krishna to kill his own family. Buddhism claims to be a religion of peace, but that comes at the price of meditative detachment from reality. But the true God of the Jewish and Christian faiths is distinguished as a God of holiness. Other Gods may be lots of things, but “holy” they are not. Our God alone is holy.

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