Monday, June 20, 2016



Most Protestants have never stepped inside a Catholic church, except, perhaps, as a tourist meandering through some ancient European cathedral. Or they gazed in awe at St. Peters in the Vatican, when in Rome. Few Catholics have stopped to consider what is a unique requirement of all Catholic churches. To celebrate the mass, the official Roman Rite requires that a crucifix be situated on or close to the altar to remind the celebrants of the Eucharist that Christ has been crucified for sin. This blog isn’t purposed to argue for Catholic teachings or practices but rather to point out how central the cross is to the history of Christian worship. Not so in many “progressive” evangelical megachurches today. (It is imperative, before going further, that the reader read Part 1 of this series “What Happened to the Cross,” published last week. CLICK HERE to read.)

In fact, most evangelical Christians don’t have a clue about the difference between a “cross” and a “crucifix.” (The latter has a three-dimensional image of Christ affixed, rather than a bare cross.) Having traveled extensively in Russian and Eastern Europe, I’ve noted that their crosses have an additional third crossbar to which the feet are nailed, angled upward toward the penitent thief and downward toward the thief who would not repent. The rich history of the cross/crucifix establishes it as an essential part of Christian identity. Then why is it that many evangelical churches are out to prove that they are really “with it” and thus kick out the cross? Of what are they embarrassed? What are they trying to prove, other than a distaste for 2,000 years of Christian tradition?

True, a cross doesn’t make a church. A body of believers, two or more (Matthew 18:20), constitutes a “church” in the spiritual sense. But let’s not forget, Satan hates the cross. In our seminars, many people donate to our ministry to receive an exact replica of my own Cross of Deliverance. I pray over each cross, to dedicate and consecrate it as an emblem of faith and an instrument of torment to demons.

Watch the exorcisms on our YouTube channel, as nearly 8 million people have. You’ll see many instances when demons manifest just by the demonized person being touched with my cross. You’ll see demons dodge the cross, fearing the mere sight of it. Why? Demons can’t see my faith. That is an invisible component of my beliefs. But they can see the visible extension of my faith, the physical tangibility of where I place my hope and trust, the cross on which Christ died. If Satan so fears the cross, could it be that some churches remove it lest they have to deal with the existential reality of demons and the devil? I pray that is not so, though I fear that, implicitly, it is. Interestingly, you’ll never see a cross in a Mormon church. ‘Nough said. . . .


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An encouraging word: YOU CAN TRUST YOUR FAITH
As you go about your tasks of the day, can you truly trust the Word of God to guide you? Much can be said about the veracity of Scripture, but consider these words of the apostle John: “This is the message which we have heard from Him” (1 John 1:5). John’s gospel and his epistles were the result of his own, eye-witness of Christ’s life and deeds. He, and the other gospel writers, only relayed exactly what they had seen and heard regarding Jesus. Today, you can count on your prayers. You can trust your faith in a crucified and risen Lord. John was but one of many who had personally seen and heard what is written in the New Testament. And they didn’t lie.

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