Tuesday, December 10th, 2013  


 Throughout my ministry I’ve made a point to be informed about all sides of a  topic. Sometimes that involves a bit of a theological and philosophical dance. To be well-informed you sometimes have to investigate primary sources to be sure your facts are correct. Caution and biblical balance is always important when reading what the enemy has to say. I don’t recommend that everyone do this. But as a writer, researcher, and apologist I sometimes have to look in the garbage to describe its danger to others. From time to time I’ve read what both Satanists and occultist have to say, as well as political liberals. Frankly, I’d rather read the former then the latter. Case in point.

A prominent liberal blog site, dedicated to defining the presidency of Barack Obama, recently took aim at Sarah Palin. She gets fired at all the time, but perhaps you should know how vicious the establishment of the liberal left can be. To attack her latest book about the war on Christmas and her recent speech at Liberty University these choice adjectives were used to describe Gov. Palin: “world class idiot,” “charlatan,” and “imbecile.” She was accused of “having no intelligence.”  My purpose is not to defend Sarah Palin, she has a sharp wit and is capable of defending herself. But when she is publicly accused of leading a conservative war against “women, the poor, gays, and equality” you need to know how vicious and intellectually dishonest the liberal left can be. Lies, mockery, insults, and fabrication are too often tactics of the liberal left. (Yes, some on the right can be vitriolic, but those spokespersons are usually not mainstream like the source I am citing.) Most of all Progressives dislike Christians and are particularly upset this time of year whenever the emphasis is on Christ. The progressive  political agenda is not just about politics. It’s also about ridding every semblance of Christianity from our culture. If you want to know what they really think, save the Rolaids and let me read it for you and tell you what they are saying. To Sarah Palin, I say “Go girl!” and do everything you can to keep the emphasis on Christ this time of year.

An encouraging word: HANDEL’S MESSIAH (AND OURS TOO)
At a Christmas concert last Sunday night I was brought to tears, as I usually am, by Handel’s Messiah. Standing for the Hallelujah Chorus I was reminded that no other religion has inspired such artistic awe and majesty. (Think also the Sistine Chapel.) There are no comparable anthems for Buddha.  No cantatas for Mohammed.  No symphonies for Krishna. While this fact by itself doesn’t declare Christianity as the true way to God, it is a telling observation. Only the Truth can inspire a Bach or a Handel.

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