Monday, September 26, 2016


The Detroit area home where unspeakable evil happened.
I was in Detroit a week ago. What a great night, with so many spiritual victories. Yet, in Detroit, as in any city in America, there lurks the potential for evil that can only be called “unspeakable.” That certainly was the case in suburban Dearborn Heights. Just four short days after I departed the city, a man called 911 with a blunt message: “I just killed my family.”

When police arrived at the crime scene they found that the suspect had asphyxiated his two youngest children in a car. He also shot and killed his two stepchildren and slashed and shot his wife. As officers approached the house, the man stood calmly on the porch and said his family inside was dead. The youngest to die were ages four and six, the killer’s biological children. At this point, all that authorities will say is that there was some sort of marital discord. The wife had filed for divorce in August.

Demonic? Of course. Would the worst person in the world, without Satan’s assistance, do anything so unspeakable? Interestingly, I found this story buried on page 6 of a national newspaper. Evil seems so rampant in our world today, that a crime of this measure didn’t even qualify for front-page coverage. Second Timothy 3:13  warns us that “evil men will grow worse and worse.” If that was true in Paul’s day, it is also true today by an exponential increase. I have to wonder if that man, even his whole family, had been to my seminar just days before, they’d likely all be still alive. With the Lord’s help, I could have discerned that man’s demons and ministered to him. If someone had made it possible for this troubled family to have a One-On-One Spiritual Encounter, those precious children would be alive. Unspeakable evil isn’t going away. Not with the way our world is headed. If you know someone in crisis, a marriage on the rocks, children being abused, get them to one of our seminars. Schedule an Encounter for them. Arrange for me to talk with them by Skype. Or at least get them to a local pastor or counselor before unspeakable evil becomes an unimaginable tragedy.

An encouraging word: AVOID AN EVIL HEART
“Beware,” Hebrews 3:12 warns, “lest there be in any of you an evil heart.” The biblical writer issues a very sobering statement, and he’s writing to Christians. Is it possible to know the Lord, and yet have an evil heart? This reminds me of those who oppose the suggestion that a Christian can’t have a demon. Even if one holds to that position, the truth of Hebrews 3:12 must be faced. We each need to examine ourselves daily lest the Enemy do something which inclines our hearts toward evil. The key to avoiding that is explained in the next verse which cautions to beware the “deceitfulness of sin.” Seek the Lord today, and ask him to help you avoid any act of spiritual disobedience which would lead to an “evil heart.”

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