Monday, October 26, 2015
It’s that week again. Everywhere you look. Grocery stores, clothing retailers, coffee shops, and even doctors’ offices are strung with cobwebs, festooned with spiders, populated with witch hats, and regaled with skeletons and skulls. It’s Halloween this week, and as usual, Christians are split regarding their thoughts on the matter. One Christian blog that I read this week said that it is actually biblical to celebrate Halloween. The logic of the blog writer? “It’s a holiday, and as long as you’re not celebrating the demonic but just having fun, it’s not a big deal. Everybody just needs to chill out. Bless every child who comes to your door dressed like a zombie.”
Another Christian blog entitled “Why Christians Absolutely Should Not Celebrate Halloween” declared, “Setting aside a day to celebrate evil, darkness, witchcraft, fear, death and the demonic brings disdain to God.” C’mon, now, try real hard to guess which blog I agreed with.

I don’t know about the spiritual persuasions of the second writer, but I can certainly tell you something about the first blogger. He’s never done deliverance. Actually facing down demons changes everything. One thing being in deliverance ministry does is to make one aware of how heightened demonic activity is this time of year. Satan operates by something I’ve dubbed “Larson’s Law of the Conservation of Demonic Power.” Say what? Here’s what I mean. God is all powerful all the time. Not the devil. So he has to focus his energies in certain situations and at certain times. For unknown reasons concealed in antiquity, Satan choose the night of Halloween to marshal his forces and concentrate his finite power. It’s not the only season of evil on Satan’s calendar, but it’s his most important one. And we should go along with his imagery and cooperate with his deviltry? I think not. Halloween is a time to stand in contrast to all the evil accoutrements of the day. In fact, what a great time to engage in Christian witness when friends and neighbors wonder why you aren’t beating down doors with the kids dressed as a ghosts and mom looking like Elvira.

An encouraging word:THE LORD IS YOUR SHEPHERD
The Lord is many things to those who follow him. He is an omnipotent God An all-powerful Creator. The sustainer of life. God’s only Begotten Son. Sinless. Perfect. Healer. The Truth. The Way. A Savior. Coming King. Alpha and Omega. But Psalm 23:1 declares Him to be our Shepherd. That beloved psalm has endured through the ages because it the Lord’s role as one who shepherds our lives which becomes more precious with time. The Lord may be many things to you, but today trust Him as a little lamb, and let Him be your Shepherd.

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