Wednesday, Sept 10, 2014


They want the anointing! That’s one of the reasons I love to minister in Eastern Europe. After 100 years of Communism and atheism, people in Russia and the Baltic states are hungry to experience the power of God. When they see me cast out demons, they want to do it too! When they witness people weeping because of God’s inner healing, they want that touch of the Lord.

During our recent mission to Ukraine to teach at our local European campus of our School of Exorcism, we concluded the training with a time of spiritual impartation. By the hundreds they pressed against the foot of the stage, desperately reaching out for the anointing. I placed holy oil on their foreheads. I grasped their hands. I touched their arms and heads. At one point, it became potentially dangerous for me. In their urgency, people began to grab at my shirt and my pants and pulled me off balance. For a moment I thought I might “stage dive” (rock concert goers will understand) into the audience. They didn’t mean to harm me, but their fervency was all-consuming. THEY WANTED THE ANOINTING.

They wanted the power to set people free. I had given them the teaching. I told that that Christ had given them the authority. But they wanted the power that flows through this ministry. It’s not my power. It’s God’s power. And it rests upon this ministry because we dare to boldly confront the devil without fear. If that’s the anointing you want, reach out to the Lord with the same desperation that those in Ukraine did, and you’ll receive it too!

An encouraging word:  THE PIT OF SIN

“He made a pit and dug it out, and has fallen into the ditch which he made” (Psalm 7:15). Such is the plight of a wicked man. No matter how long he takes to dig a pit in his life, a few hours or a lifetime, the outcome is inevitable. He digs it; he falls into it. There’s no one to blame but himself. And when he falls, he must wonder why he dug it so deep in the first place. Sadly, for some that pit is the Pit, the Abyss, and it is deep indeed. Beware how your actions are digging a hole for your future when sin has taken a toll. Stop digging your way into sin and destruction while there is still time for the Savior to pull you out.

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