Monday, January 23, 2017

President Obama’s last speech to the Press.

Barack is gone, and the Donald has taken over. The Obama Presidency is history. Enough has been said about all of that, but I must draw attention to a few important words that President Obama said in his parting address to the press. He started out well, saying, “I believe in the American people.” But from there it was downhill. “I think there’s evil in the world.” YA THINK? Perhaps a slip of the tongue Maybe he meant to say “I know.” But what came next was more troubling: “If we work hard, and if we’re true to those things in us that feel true and right . . . the world gets a little better each time.”

I don’t want to pick on a man who’s just out of a job and quibble over words, but President Obama has been one of the most articulate Presidents in history and generally has chosen his words carefully. Here’s the problem with what he said. He seems to believe that life will be better when we do things that FEEL true and right. Feel? Truth and rightness are not about feelings, except in the Obama world, and in the world of fuzzy-thinking people. Truth and rightness are not about what we feel, but about moral absolutes, transcendently given by a Creator God. Truth is given by God through his Word, not determined by emotions of the moment. This kind of touchy-feely thinking is what has gotten this country in such a moral mess.

If you “feel” it’s true that a loving God won’t send sinners to an eternal Hell, then there is no Hell. If you “feel” it’s right to have sex outside of marriage, then adultery must be OK, by this logic. The deception is that you can feel your way into justifying almost any moral conundrum. Maybe Obama “felt” his way toward throwing Israel under the bus, as he did recently at the U. N. But let’s not be too hard on Obama. His moral compass has been way off for a long time, so what he said isn’t shocking. Some Christians are equally guilty when they “feel led of the Lord” to do things that are unbiblical and even bizarre. Obama is the way we were (with no apologies to Barbara Streisand). Let’s pray for better things about the way we will be, with absolute truth and time-honored moral values on the way to a comeback. And let it start with each of us.

Prophetic perspective is a theological term that can refer to a scripture having both a present and a future significance, such as Psalm 22:9. Consider these words; “You are he who took Me out of the womb, You made Me trust while on My mother’s breasts.” David speaks not only of himself, but also of Christ. This is the Incarnation, God becoming flesh, being declared more than a thousand years before the Nativity. It was the Father who brought forth the Son, and taught Him how to trust. This, among many Bible passages, proves you can trust God’s Word, today, tomorrow, and forever.

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