Monday, December 7, 2015


They are the faces of American terrorism: Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik. By now the whole country knows of their attack on a civil servant holiday party in San Bernardino, California, killing 14 and injuring 21. It is the deadliest strike by Islamic extremists on American soil since Sept. 11, 2001. Wasn’t it just a few days ago that President Obama was telling us not to worry, that terrorism wouldn’t strike America? That ISIL/ISIS was no serious threat to Americans? I’d say that the confirmed Facebook posts of Malik, pledging allegiance to Islamic State, is about as clear as the killers could be about their terrorist intentions.
Is anyone else sick of the constant drumbeat of calls for gun control every time an act like this takes place? Investigations have revealed that the murderous couple had enough bombs, guns, and bullets to start a small war. They would have gotten those munitions no matter what laws were on the books. They were cold-blooded, ruthless, and full of demons. How else can one explain a mother who would leave her six-month-old baby girl with the grandmother and then callously murder other mothers of children?

Ironically not many miles from San Bernardino, just days after the massacre, I was ministering deliverance to a woman possessed with a demon of Murder. The evil spirit had been passed down from a Muslim ancestor named Mohammed who killed Christians and Jews. As my readers know, no one encounters more demons face-to-face than I do. When I tell you that this demon was one of the nastiest I’ve ever faced, that is saying something. Am I concluding that all Muslim are demon-possessed, potential killers? Of course not. Hundreds of millions of Muslims are kind, peaceful people. What it does indicate is that within radical Islam, as in ISIL/ISIS, there is a demonic power intent on bloodlust, using religion as an excuse. This a war that will not be won just by dropping more bombs but by confronting and casting out all demonic spirits of hate, violence, and murder. What are you doing to fight and win this war against an ancient evil so much alive today in America? A great place to start is by enrolling in our International School of Exorcism® and getting the spiritual ammunition you need to resist the powers of darkness wherever you encounter them. (TO ENROLL CLICK HERE.)

An encouraging word: COUNT IT ALL JOY

“Count it as joy when you fall into various trials.” Those words of James 1:2 are some of the hardest to live by. Admit it, you struggle the same as I do with rejoicing when things aren’t going well; when sickness or financial challenges come; when friends betray; when disappointments overwhelm. But these are the times when we most need to “count it as joy.” Anyone can be grateful in good times, but it is the measure of a seasoned Christian who holds their head high when all around seem to be losing theirs. Whatever you may face today, count is as joy, rejoice even though you may be hurting, and trust in Him who is able to quickly turn things around, if you have the right attitude.

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