Monday, December 19, 2016


Daughter and mother, stabbed to death by their father/husband.

When a headline like that blares forth from the liberal “Washington Post,” it’s newsworthy. The report concerned a North Carolina man, Jeffrey Ward, who is facing murder charges for killing his 40-year-old wife and 14-year-old daughter. Then he threw their bodies down a 40-feet-deep well. When investigators arrested Ward, he blurted out that he “screwed up and killed them” during a blackout episode, when he was “overtaken by demons.” The wife, Dawnn Ward, had obtained a domestic violence protective order against her husband two years ago, because he strangled her until she passed out. He had also threatened to burn her house. The alleged killer had previously been convicted of breaking and entering and larceny. And, of course, liberal judges put him back on the street, this time to kill.

Did the devil make him do it? If he is guilty, the answer is “Yes” and “No.” Technically, Satan can’t make anyone sin. He can only tempt and influence evil acts. The commission of any unlawful deed, including murder, requires some cooperation of the personal, human will. But this is where it gets murky. I’ve dealt with people who have committed terrible acts of evil without realizing what they did. In some cases, they were in a dissociated state and an alter-ego acted out the crime. In some instances, they blanked out the despicable deed in a kind of hypnotic state. But in every instance, there was at least some prior plotting of the crime, by which the person’s will made an evil covenant with demons. In other words, in a way, the devil can make you do it, if you have given him prior consent. Or if you have been enraged in some part of your soul, held on to the hate, mentally disconnected, and then formed an evil alter-ego capable of the crime.

Whatever the case is with Jeffrey Ward, my heart breaks to think that this young mother and her young daughter would be alive today if some Christian who knew the killer had led him to Jesus and cast out his demons. All too many Christians in America deny the reality of Satan and demons, and they are ones who allow the devil to do it.

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An encouraging word: WHERE IS GOD LEADING YOU?
Some Christians are too fond of casually saying, “The Lord led me.” But in Mark 1:12 we find that when Jesus was led by the Spirit, he was driven “into the wilderness” to face the devil head-on. How many Christians do you know who are led in that direction? Too often Christians feel led to places of comfort and safety, not to risky places in life. But if you are really walking with Christ, there are times when His genuine leading will direct you to take on Satan. If you are only led to pleasant places, you may not be following the Lord at all. Where is God leading you today?

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