Friday, Oct 17, 2014

Comedian Jon Stewart isn’t exactly a household name among Christians. Due to his frequent use of profanities, his acclaimed “Daily Show” (seen on TV’s Comedy Central channel) is probably not high on the viewing list of conservative evangelicals. Jon, a two-time host of the Academy Awards, has won Grammys and Emmys. A self-described “socialist” he has never been seen as friendly to either conservatives or Christians. But there I was this past Monday night, our Skype exorcisms the subject of a lengthy report. (To view CLICK HERE.) Last summer Jon flew a crew of four from New York to interview and profile me. It took this long to put the story together and air it. Jessica Williams, a regular reporter on the show, hosted the segment and asked me to demonstrate how I would exorcism her demons over the Internet. The morning after, Salon, the liberal web site, ran a story entitled: “Must-see morning clip: The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams gets an exorcism via Skype.” Of me, Salon said, “He chases the demons out of her with technology.” For clarification, it wasn’t an actual exorcism but a dress-rehearsal for what might have happened had she actually manifested and not been physically present.

I know of no other evangelical Christian minister who has ever been on the show, certainly not an exorcist branding a cross and commanding demons back to Hell in the name of Christ. Such is the amazing opportunity given to us, an open door not available to others of biblical persuasion. Why? I’ll leave that to you to contemplate. In the meantime, we will seek every available opportunity to tell the world that spiritual freedom is available through the power of God.

Jon Stewart has a sharp, often caustic wit. Thank the Lord I escaped without being skewered by one of his editorialized, comedic barbs. Thank you, Jon! I am much relieved.


An encouraging word:  HE IS KING FOREVER

“The Lord is King for ever and ever.”  Let this proclamation of Psalm 10:16 be an encouragement to whatever you are facing today. That is the future of all who worship Him. Eventually the Lord will win every battle, vanquish every enemy, and reign supreme as Lord of Lords. Satan has already been defeated. We only await the Enemy’s final demise. Every trial we face will be turned into victory. Every tear wiped aware. Every sting of death removed. He is King, now and for eternity.

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