Thursday, January 9th, 2014   


A lot wrangling has been going on lately at meetings of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. And it’s all about the cross. It’s not the first fight over whether or not the Christian cross would appear on County seals which are displayed on flags, vehicles and written communications. From 1957-2004 the cross was above a rendering of the Hollywood bowl. Since the new seal replaced the Bowl with a depiction of a Catholic mission, paying tribute to Catholic missionaries who were early settlers of the area, some wanted the cross included as an accurate “historical” portrayal. Said filmmaker John Newcombe, “Our mountain ranges, our valleys, and our hills, all these things are named after Catholic saints.” Good point. Do the Supervisors now bow to the whims of atheists and the ACLU to start renaming everything in the state with a religious reference? As for now, the vote is to keep the cross in spite of threatened lawsuits. Good for L.A. and one small victory for religious freedom.

I can tell you who’s behind efforts to remove the cross – the devil and his demons. Satan fears the cross of Christ. In every exorcism, when I whip out my special Cross of Deliverance, the demons recoil in fear. Not because the metal object I hold has any power in itself. It is a visible expression of my invisible faith, an objectification of a metaphysical, spiritual reality. It forces the devil to face a visual emblem of what is in my heart. That’s why we put crosses on the steeples of our churches, and Mormons don’t, by the way. It signifies ownership, authority, identity and submission. Without those early Christian missionaries there would be no California as we know it today. Even Hollywood owes its ultimate founding to the cross (gulp!). Satan fears the cross so let’s put it everywhere we can. It exposes who is really behind the atheists and the ACLU when they get bent out of shape over a simple, symbol.

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An encouraging word:  LOOK TO THE CROSS

“The preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness,” Paul told the Corinthians (1 Cor. 1:18). Sadly today it sometime adorns the bling of gutter-language rap artists and the cleavage of erotic Hollywood starlets. But such demeaning of the cross never takes away what it really represents. Thousands of cathedrals place it at their apex and stained glass windows glow with its hope. The cross is truly, as Paul says, “the power of Christ.” In His crucifixion there is hope. In His death there is life. And in His resurrection there is immortality. Thank God for the cross.

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