Friday, March 14th 2014


Teen Rachel Canning in court with lawyers and her parents on right.


It takes a lot of crassness to pull off what Rachel Canning did, but with the help of a lawyer and America’s warped legal system, she did it. The 18-year-old sued her parents for $645 in weekly support (over $33,000 annually) plus future college tuition even though she had moved out of their house because they disapproved of her boyfriend! The suit which was filed Feb. 24 has since been withdrawn and Rachel is apparently back home. Before you rejoice at reconciliation, her lawyer argues that her parents pressured her to withdraw the suit. Ah, justice in the good ole U.S. of A. In the meantime Rachel’s lawyer wants court records sealed and for the narcissistic teen to have a “guardian” other than her parents. All this happening to a girl getting an expensive private education in an exclusive Catholic High School.

To be fair to Rachel, her parents had been fighting and separated for a while. But she wasn’t asking for money to be spent on counseling for her parents to reconcile or that the Catholic Church spiritually intervene. The cheerleader just wanted cold, hard cash and the right to live as she wished with the only parental interference being a regular check in the mail. A lawyer for the parents weighed in saying, “It is the goal of the Cannings to be present at their child’s graduations, her wedding and at the birth of their grandchildren.” Spare me. Sounds like there is enough blame to throw around every direction, but the fundamental farce is the idea of a teen-adult wanting her own way and cash to boot. If one definition of narcissism is arrogant pride, this is one spoiled brat who fits the bill.

An encouraging word:  THE LORD’S SWORD

One of the demons I most frequently face (besides the ever-present Jezebel) is Leviathan. For any who are tormented by this cunning and evil spirit, Isaiah 27:1 has a promise: The Lord will punish with his sword, his fierce, great and powerful sword, Leviathan the gliding serpent . . . All evil is ultimately subject to the Lord, even the most hideous of demonic forces. Whatever spiritual oppression you may face, remember that God has a “fierce, great and powerful sword” ready to set you free!

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