I  wasn’t aware of it, even though I have two teens in my household; but, due to our Christian values, they obviously wouldn’t be affected by the trend in question. It took a news article in a national newspaper to alert me to a growing product line of female, teenage apparel – lingerie. And not just skimpy tank tops. Padded bikinis, special tennis shoes to accentuate the derriere, and slinky outfits that used to belong in strip joints. Victoria’s Secret (who else) is partially behind this new marketing move. Their product line includes lacy underwear for the barely-post-pubescent set with stitched-on invitations like, “Wild,” “Call me,” and “Feeling Lucky?” Other merchandisers like Urban Outfitters are close behind (no pun intended).

What’s happening is the introduction of 11-year-olds (I have a child that age so I’m particularly disgusted at this.) to push-up bras and suggestive under clothing. The result sexualizes ever younger girls to be sex objects, taught that their bodies are the key to success in life. Society, which abhors rape and pedophilia crimes, keeps on sending young girls the message that they must look good, even sexy, physically to be wanted. The result is the objectification of their self-perception, that they are toys for someone’s pleasure, only desirable if they look erotic enough.

Don’t we already have plenty of MTV videos that send that message? Hasn’t Hollywood done an adequate job of sexualizing almost every aspect of our lives? Do we as a culture need to worsen the situation with underwear that reminds the wearer every moment of the day that they are only acceptable if they are sexual? The mom that allows a nearly-teen child such lingerie is sending a message about her own inadequacies as a woman, and that’s why she may be living out her fantasies through her child. That’s sick, and such mothers need a stern reality check and a revaluation of their daughter’s clothing choices.