Thursday, July 31, 2014

Original poster advertising rock
opera Jesus Christ Superstar.


It’s over, and not soon enough for me. The North American arena tour of the blasphemous rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” has been canceled. Accusations and lawsuits are flying. The cast was planned as a strange mix of profane punker “Johnny Rotten” as King Herod and Brandon Boyd of the band Incubus (Yes, they named themselves after sex with demons.), a fitting casting job if I’ve ever heard of one. The rock musical, which debuted in 1971, will not experience a new incarnation.  Based on the last days of Christ’s life, the production has earned hundreds of millions of dollars, suggesting Jesus was sexually active with Mary Magdalene and portraying Judas as the real hero (juxtaposed to a waffling, confused Christ). The main promoter of this tour simply said, “The fact is that the show did not sell well.”


The devil must be disappointed. For forty-plus years demons have had a heyday with the mockery and sacrilege of “Superstar,” demeaning Jesus to millions. My book Larson’s Book of Spiritual Warfare (to order CLICK HERE) contains the fascinating story of my encounter with a demon who claimed credit, at least in part, for helping to inspire the rock opera. The demon, which possessed a 15-year-old girl from rural Missouri, spoke in a beautifully enunciated British accent that even a trained actress would be hard-pressed to portray. (Remember, that Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice were from England.) I’m sure that Satan has a backup plan to follow this cancellation, but for now it’s one less open door for the devil to deceive souls. Even among those who are his servants (Yes, I consider anyone associated with “Superstar” guilty by association.), Satan sometimes has a hard time keeping everyone in line. Don’t use this as an excuse to drag out your old LP or CD of the production. Get rid of it, listening to it is as deadly as playing with an Ouija Board.

An encouraging word:  WHOM SHOULD YOU FEAR?Horror movies traffic in terror. Each scene is designed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, terrified at what might happen next. That is frightening but fake. Isaiah 8:13 tells us whom to truly fear: The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, He is the one you are to fear, He is the one you are to dread. Why? It is God alone who has power over life and death, and He holds the decision of your eternal destiny in His hands. Don’t be afraid of things that go “bump” in the night or the images on a movie screen, which are concocted to terrify. Fear the Lord to whom you will answer for your deeds when you die.


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