Tuesday, January 14th, 2014   


Sue-happy Sirgiorgio

Okay, I’m giving away my age. “Sioux City Sue, Sioux City Sue, your hair is red your eyes are blue, I’d swap my horse and dog for you.” Those were the words to a popular country song when I was a kid. I may be the only one who remembers; but the “sue city sue” I’m talking about today is the litigious city called America in which we all live. And no one epitomizes it better than the guy above, Sirgiorgio Clardy, a pimp living in Portland, Oregon. (With a name like that he should sue his parents!) Sirgiorgio, a pimp, brutally beat a man who refused to pay one of his clients – and then robbed the man. (He also beat the 18-year-old woman he forced to sell sex. She was so severely injured she bled from her ears.)

But after that, this preposterous pimp attempted to take the moral high ground. Representing himself, from behind bars in the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution, he filed a $100 million lawsuit against Nike. Not following me? Why Nike? Sirgiorgio beat the prostitute and the John with his Nike Jordan shoes, and now claims he should have been warned by Nike that their shoes could be a weapon and should have been labeled as such. In the words of this plaintiff, the Jordans were a “potentially dangerous product.” Only in America! One look at those eyes tells it all. You can see the devil staring at the mug-shot camera. This is one angry man, likely filled with demons of Hate, Anger, or even Murder. He needs an hour with an exorcist, not a day in court. Nikes are a threat to no one, but anything in the hands of someone such as Sirgiorgio, filled with such evil, is potentially lethal.  Let’s pray he stays locked away for a long time before he can get his hands on one of those seven-inch heels women wear today.

An encouraging word:  GOD IS JUST

“Does God pervert justice?” So said Bildad the Shuhite (one of “Job’s comforters”) with a rhetorical flourish. Of course not. God is just, but when His justice is not enacted forcefully and quickly, evil flourishes. Today it seems that the balance of justice all too often tips in favor of criminal rights, rather than public good. But all who do evil will someday answer to the Supreme Magistrate, the Lord himself. Be sure that you act justly, because the Lord judges in righteousness by the measure of his Son, Jesus Christ. And only His grace will stay the hand of condemnation for what we all deserve for our unrighteousness.

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