Monday, April 11, 2016
I’m tired of PC Christianity in America. Are you? I saw a report recently entitled, “Demons are Real and They Oppress People.” Now, you’d think I’d be happy at that headline Not so fast. The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) aired a testimony of an African woman, tormented by demonic images at night, who eventually found the Lord. Why wouldn’t I like that? I do. CBN is a great group. Pat Robertson and his people have done a wonderful work for the Lord for decades. I rejoice in this testimony, but it’s what it didn’t say that concerns me. There is no mention of this woman being “possessed,” and perhaps she wasn’t. Or maybe CBN didn’t tell the whole story and left the account warm and fuzzy by using the word “oppressed.” I was touched by the story, but wondered what I wasn’t hearing.

Maybe I’m just naturally suspicious because I’m fed up with evangelical Christians soft-peddling what the devil does. Why couldn’t the headline have been, “Demons are Real and they POSSESS People.” Picky? Perhaps, but take this example. I was recently in the midst of an exorcism with a woman immersed in Bible Belt Christianity. A powerful Jezebel demon was manifesting, speaking through the woman and describing what it was doing to destroy her and her family. In the midst of the demon’s declaration, the woman’s own consciousness re-emerged, and she said, “This can’t be happening. I’m a spirit-filled Christian and Christians can’t be possessed by demons.” The exorcism stopped then and there. There was no way of proceeding. Demons had previously taken over her mind and body, and they were detailing their plans of destruction. I was attempting to get the upper hand to cast them out, when . . .” Her bad theology cut the exorcism short.

As I listened to the story of the woman from Africa I concluded one of three things: a) She didn’t have demons and truly was only attacked from the outside, b) CBN was playing the story gently and didn’t want to ruffle any feathers by suggesting a Christian could be demonized, or c) the woman was possessed and somehow got free in ways CBN wasn’t aware of. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but don’t you buy into the idea of what I call “exorcism lite.” Demons can and do “possess” Christians, if by possession you mean the demonic ability to psycho-neurologically speak and function through the faculties of their host. If you want to know more, enroll now in our International School of Exorcism. For further information, CLICK HERE.

An encouraging word: REBUKE SHARPLY
It’s not polite to speak the truth in culture today. The pressure to be politically correct all around us often exchanges honesty for compromise. The apostle Paul would have none of this. Writing to Titus, he said of those who subverted the truth of God, “Rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith” (Titus 1:13). That’s bold. It wouldn’t fly in most Christian circles today. Obviously, we must be careful about taking Paul’s advice when we’re angry or arguing over minor matters of doctrinal interpretation. But sometimes, when the Holy Spirit leads, a “sharp” rebuke is in order. Make today a day when there are no corners cut in your Christianity, even if it means a stern rebuke to those who would lead you into sin.

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