Thursday, June 12 2014
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Ancient stone carving of Incubus demon.


NOTE: This is the second of a two-part series on this topic. I have selected this topic because of the many requests from both victims and deliverance ministers who have asked me to put perspective on this highly controversial subject.


Finding a suitable photo to illustrate this blog wasn’t easy. The Internet is full of pornographic images of demons cohabiting with men and woman. Indeed, the idea of sex with demons is as old as antiquity. Incubus, from the Latin “incubo,” to “lie upon” occurs when a demon takes on male substance to cohabit with a woman. The female opposite is called succubus. Though the subject is taboo in Christian circles that has not always been so. St. Augustine dealt with the subject in “The City of God,” in which the Church Father stated, “There is also a very general rumor. Many have verified it by their own experience and trustworthy persons have corroborated the experience others told, that sylvan and fauns, commonly called incubi, have often made wicked assaults upon women.”


Whether in the context of spirit/female cohabiting with human/male or spirit/male cohabiting with human/female, the ultimate danger of supernatural sex is getting a demon. I’ve done hundreds of exorcisms on such individuals and can testify that this form of possession is hideous and difficult to overcome. Yielding one’s body to a ghostly lover is an open door to demonization of the soul. Here are some brief thoughts on dealing with this issue from the perspective of ministering to victims of demonic sexual molestation

  • Be careful about further shaming. The individual will likely have heavy doses of false guilt which any further condemnation won’t help dissipate.
  • Find out if the issue is generational, if any other family members have been victimized.
  • All sexual sin must be renounced and all ungodly relationships ended. The demon may have been sexually transferred and that link must be severed.
  • If a ritual or emotional marriage to this entity occurred, there must be a spiritual divorce, particularly if the cohabitant has been viewed as a “spiritual husband/wife”
  • Any pornography or sexual devices most be destroyed immediately. Whatever aroused the fantasies must be avoided.
  • Since many such episodes occur in waking or nocturnal states, defensive praying when going to bed is essential; have the victim take a holy object to bed, such as a Bible or cross.
  • There may be past involvement in the occult which opened the door, such as beliefs in spiritual lovers or alien cohabitation; renounce all such beliefs.
  • If the person is unmarried they should remain chaste while going through deliverance; if married their spouse must claim “one-flesh” authority over any such spiritual adultery.
  • Be careful to distinguish between psychosis and genuine episodes of demonic sexuality; this is difficult since such experiences are so surreal they dwell in parts of the imagination where fact and fantasy are sometimes blurred. Beware the individual who claims such experiences as the result of repressed sexual thoughts which haven’t been properly processed.
  • All self-induced sexual arousal must stop as this will invite further oppression.
  • Exorcism is necessary in most genuine cases; the most common demons encountered are Jezebel, Incubus, Succubus, Spiritual Rape, Spiritual Husband/Wife, Lilith.

We shall not at this point deal with questions of whether this is analogous to the human/demon cohabitation some think is referred to in Genesis, chapter 6. We also do not have enough space to discuss the controversy of whether demons are capable of inseminating humans and thus producing hybrid, half-human/half-demon offspring, so-called spawns of the devil. These issues will be explored in a future blog.

An encouraging word:  GOD WILL DELIVER YOU“Many are saying of me, ‘God will not deliver him.'” That lament of Psalm 3:2 reflects how many of us have felt at times. At the moment when we were most vulnerable, we were attacked.  It’s even worse when a friend is the persecutor. That was David’s difficulty. His own son, Absalom, was out to take his father’s kingdom and even David’s life. In such instances, don’t believe the lies of your pursuers. God WILL deliver you as you trust in Him and call upon His name. When your enemies distort the truth, even to say that you are beyond the Lord’s help, remind them that He will never leave or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). When evil men say that God won’t help you, you can be certain that is the opposite of what the Lord will do.


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