Just when you think that the permutations of modern life have reached the limits of moral absurdity, another conundrum comes along. This time It’s a sperm donor in Kansas whom the state is assessing for child support. It seems that William Marotta, in his effort to be a good neighbor by donating his bodily fluids, has run afoul of the law. He aided a lesbian couple in distress who wanted a child but had no way to obtain the necessary “ingredients.” Marotta dropped a supply of sperm off at the home of the couple who somehow implanted the offering and eventually that recipient gave birth to a baby. Then the lesbian couple called it quits and the biological mother ended upon public welfare. The Kansas Department for Children and Families declared Marotta the father and docked him for support payments. The biological father argues that he was just doing his civic duty and could care less about the child.

Like me you’re probably shaking your head and asking, “Where do we start to assess a situation like this that never should have happened?” Society invited this slippery slope with same-sex parenting and sperm donors without regard for moral convention, and now has a financial and ethical problem to solve. Naturally, the innocent three-year-old child is caught in the middle of this, unwanted by the father and one of the “parents,” and in need of life’s basics. Kansas authorities base their case on the fact that the three parenting parties didn’t work through a doctor or clinic as required by law. And that is supposed to make a moral difference? Two lesbians wanted to do what biology didn’t equip them to do. Marotta’s motives aren’t known, but how he dispensed his gift is – auto-eroticism dissociated from love and responsibility. Now to avoid having taxpayers pay the price, the state of Kansas suddenly intervenes for the sake of the child. No one is noble here, and whatever actions taken are a little late. I want to meet this child when she’s older. I guarantee that with the abandonment and rejection issues swirling around her that it will be miracle of God’s grace if she doesn’t get demons.