Monday, January 27th 2014


Bob Larson casts out demons via Skype.

Last Friday night, worldwide TV network CNN featured our ministry in a special report on the show “Anderson Cooper 360.” CNN flew in personnel from New York and Atlanta to spend two days examining our ministry. Veteran journalist Gary Tuchman covered the story which was shown on the Friday night airing of AC/360. In addition to lengthy interviews, Mr. Tuchman asked to see an exorcism in action. My schedule that day included a Skype exorcism, and the individual gave permission for the media to film it. The CNN web site carried this explanation: The idea of exorcisms in this day and age certainly sounds strange and unusual, but they do happen. If you are thinking of scenes out of movies, maybe instead you should be thinking about video conferencing on Skype. At least one reverend is conducting exorcisms on-line. Gary Tuchman got a firsthand look. (The entire report can be seen at )

During the interview I explained, “In simple terms, an exorcism is the process of expelling an evil spirit from an individual who has become somehow invaded or demonized or possessed by that being, and sending it back to hell and freeing the person.” CNN’s cameras recorded the Skype exorcism of a man from Norway named David, possessed by four demons, including Leviathan. The demon persistently threatened me with chilling curses, which I repeatedly canceled by the blood of Christ. “We will kill everyone,” the demon growled. Tuchman interviewed David who was remarkably changed after the hour-long exorcism.

This was ground-breaking — the first time an internet exorcism has been performed before world media. Many millions of people witnessed this dramatic encounter with evil, and CNN fairly presented the story, free of any sarcasm or ridicule. We thank CNN for this provocative report and the respectful way they edited the footage.

To the friends and partners of our ministry, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us this amazing opportunity to bear witness to Christ’s power. If is your faithful support which has opened such doors. This is my pulpit, my mission field, my congregation – millions being touched by the Gospel around the world via secular media. I don’t seek nor do I curry such opportunities. God’s blessing and favor has opened doors that no man can shut.

If I ministered deliverance in every mega-church in America for an entire year, I couldn’t reach as many people as I did last Friday night on CNN. Your prayers and financial support are effective and far-reaching. Every gift is multiplied dramatically to reach those outside the church who are in need of salvation and deliverance. As you pray about the gift you will share today, remember that you and I have open doors never given to any other ministry, a sacred trust we will use wisely by God’s grace.

 Doing What Jesus Did, Pastor Bob Larson


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