Monday, Nov 17, 2014

Here’s a scary thought for those who are sexually promiscuous. I’ve long observed, from doing deliverance, that STDs (“spiritually transmitted demons”) are the result of immoral behavior that isn’t dealt with by the breaking of past soul-bonds. Many evil spirits have told me that they entered the person receiving ministry by a past sexual encounter when, by intercourse, the two became one flesh. (See 1 Corinthians 6:15.) It’s important that once an individual makes a confession of Christ as Savior that they pray to spiritually break all soul bonds with their past sexual partners. Now comes a new study that scientifically backs this up. Research into something called “telegonoy” reveals that at a microbiological level every sexual encounter leaves a permanent connection to that lover. A study at the University of South Wales found that the process of “telegony,” where traits of past lovers are passed onto future children, holds in fruit flies.  In case you want to know why geneticists love to study fruit flies, it’s because the genetic structure of these little creatures is highly comparable to humans.  In fact, fruit flies contain 75% of the genes that lead to disease within human beings. The conclusion of the study is that molecules of the seed of previous sexual encounters leaves part of the seed absorbed by the mother’s eggs and never leaves. When these eggs are fertilized by a later lover, the first man’s effect is still felt inside the mother’s body. It still is left to be proven that what is true for fruit flies holds for humans, but I can affirm that it is true from a spiritual standpoint. Why not a physical one?

This interesting speculation might not matter so much if all we’re talking about is the color of your future child’s eyes or the shape of his or her nose. But what if you ex-lover practiced the occult, or came from a bloodline of ancestors who did? In deliverance, we know how this operates. Everyone who has read my book CURSE BREAKING (To order CLICK HERE.) understands how the STDs of curses are transmitted by the bloodline. And what if that bloodline is not from a current spouse but an ex-spouse or sexual partner? Suggesting this possibility isn’t intended to make anyone feel guilty or paranoid, especially if you’ve since repented of those sins and walk in the grace of God. It does emphasize how important it is to cut off the soul-ties of old cohabitants and walk in new freedom through Christ. It also underscores how important it is to cleanse your soul and body of those old influence. Please read by book CURSE BREAKING and then pray this simple prayer.

Lord Jesus, I repent of my past sins of sexual immorality and place those sins under your blood. I break every soul-bond with every individual with whom I’ve been involved sexually. Cleanse my soul and body, spiritually and physically, of every remnant they have left behind. Give me a new spiritual heritage based upon my relationship to you Lord, and my relationship to my currently lawfully wedded spouse. Sanctify my children from any evil, soul-tie influences in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

An encouraging word:  BE SOBER AND VIGILANT

One of the most important scriptures in the Bible warning us about the devil is First Peter 5:8. You may know it by heart. It tells us that the devil, like a “roaring lion,” stalks our steps. But notice the way Peter introduces this description of the Evil one: Be sober, be vigilant. Be on the watch-out. Take him seriously and be ever on-guard. Sadly, some Christians act like Lucifer is on vacation somewhere, caring less about believers. The Living Bible adds the description of the devil as an Enemy who wants to “tear apart” his victims.  Have no doubt, Satan is real and he stalks from every angle to take advantage of our carelessness. Spiritual sobriety and constant watchfulness is one way to ward him off.


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