Thursday, Feb 19, 2015





The humor of the billboard above belies an even more serious aspect of today’s social media: texting, even sexting (sending sexually explicit messages via smartphones) in church. A new study regarding the behavior of Americans with regards to cell phones indications that they are interrupting some of their most secret and sacred activities to send text messages. The market research firm Harris Interactive discovered that 10% of respondents admit to checking their phones in the shower or during sex. For those ages 18-34 it’s 20%!  Twenty percent of those polled say they text during the pastor’s sermon in church, and God only knows what messages they are receiving or sending. A marketing expert commented on these findings, “People view their smartphones as an extension of themselves, taking them everywhere they go, even the most unorthodox places.” A disturbing 50% say they drive with their phones in hand to text, even if there are laws against it.

Prophecy buffs used to wonder how the Antichrist could communicate with the entire world almost instantly to enforce his edicts. Is that “mark in the right hand” (Rev. 13:16) an iPhone about to Apple Pay? Perhaps not, but the stage is certainly being set. And if you are wondering, I have known people to get demons by texting, sexting, porn viewing, and carrying on all kinds of illicit activities on their cell phones. Yes, I have a cell phone as do members of my family. They are great devices to navigate our modern world. Our International School of Exorcism� is raising up an army of spiritual warriors, many of whom trained by their smart phones. (For more information or to enroll CLICK HERE.) Technology has the capacity for good or evil. Your pastor may not notice your texting/sexting while he’s preaching, but the Lord knows what you’re doing with YOUR cell phone when you should be focusing on His Word.



An encouraging word:  IN DISTRESS CALL OUT TO THE LORD


“In my distress I called to the Lord” (Psalm 18:6). Today, we’d more likely use the word “depressed.” Stress had overtaken David, and he hit bottom. That’s not always bad. Sometimes that’s the place that God gets our attention. When we’re on top, we may think we don’t need the Lord as much. In this case David was mentally and emotionally exhausted. But he didn’t seek a shrink or pop a pill. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with getting good counseling; however, in a state of desperation there’s no substitute for turning to God. If you’re discouraged today, do what David did. In YOUR distress, call out to the Lord. 


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