It had to finally come to this. What will the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) people do about this one? Add another letter, S for “sexless” and make it LGBTS? According to a report by the Christian Institute, a man in Australia claims he is neither a man nor a woman. Norrie May-Welby was born a man but then had a sex change operation to become a woman. That didn’t make “her” happy so “she” decided to be none-of-the-above. She wanted to be sexless. What’s even stranger is that the state of New South Wales actually agreed to alter her birth certificate to “not specified.” She still wasn’t happy. Now the New South Wales Supreme Court has ruled that her birth certificate can read “sexless.” In other words, residents of that part of Australia do not have to legally say what they are sexually. Australian passports can now identify the holder as male, female, or “indeterminate.”


Stop laughing. It’s not really funny. In England the government plans to drop mention of a person’s sexual status, all in the name of “transsexual equality.” And such strained political correctness is taken seriously enough that 99.9 % of the population bends its will to an almost unidentifiable portion of the population. And if you haven’t heard, a couple in Canada claim to have raised a baby that to them is without gender, not calling their child a boy or a girl, keeping the genitals a secret. Maybe they should also hold off declaring that the child is human. He might turn out to be a puppy or a platypus.


It’s time someone says, “Whoa Nellie,” to the sexual absurdities of our culture. What started out as a concern for discrimination based on gender identification and sexual orientation has become a hodge-podge of sexual exploration without boundaries. People may be entitled to do as they wish in a free society, but must that society go to such tortured lengths to cooperate with and give approbation to an absurdity such as “sexless?” The debate of human identity is quickly moving beyond what’s moral to what’s downright silly. Is it too much to ask that we harken back to the simple statement of Scripture that “male and female created He them” (Genesis 1:27)?