Monday, February 13, 2017


I’m taking the occasion of this blog to introduce my latest book, my 36th book; or should I say OUR latest book? For the first time ever, I’ve co-written a book, this time with my wife, Laura. I’m addressing something that has long been our concern: the state of the American, evangelical, family. Set Your Family Free is a book I’ve wanted to write for a long time. By co-authoring with Laura, to address marriage and parenting challenges, we’ve achieved a dual perspective on what’s right and wrong with present-day Christian families.

In the book’s Introduction, Laura sets forth our mutual concern: All too many Christian parents haven’t reckoned with one simple fact of spiritual warfare: The enemy of our souls roams around like a roaring lion “seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8). Satan wreaks havoc if left unchallenged. To apply the biblical metaphor–just as a physical boundary is needed to ward off an actual lion, we need appropriate spiritual boundaries to protect our children from the devil. Even when parents proactively use biblical knowledge to raise spiritually equipped children, that doesn’t mean the war for the hearts and minds of their offspring will automatically be won. The sincerity of a parent’s intentions won’t necessarily produce strong, overcoming faith in the lives of their children.

How then can a family walk in spiritual freedom? A strong theme we emphasize is the importance of families having a purposeful and intentional approach to the home. Chapter six is entitled “Intentional Dating, Marriage, and Parenting.” We put it this way: Intentionality seeks to set boundaries and benchmarks, which can help one evaluate how far into the relationship a couple should be. Intentionality makes it possible to reach conclusions based on hard facts, not starry eyes. Wherever you are in any relationship, whether romantic, professional, platonic, or marital, think about to what extent you’ve stumbled, fallen, or wavered into a soul-bonding relationship without intentionally seeking wise spiritual counsel and a biblically objective perspective.

As the publication date approaches in a few weeks, you’ll hear more about how this book can be the key you’ve been seeking to set your own family free from every intentional evil of the Enemy.



The book you’ve needed to have a happy home.

An encouraging word: BECOME A SERVANT TO GOD
“James, a bondservant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.” What a way to begin a letter, as James 1:1 does. A bondservant is a slave. A serf. Someone bound by service out of obligation, with no expectation of any benefit. How many Christians, and pastors, do you know who describe themselves as a slave of Jesus Christ? The emphasis in American Christianity seems to be too-much about all the goodies that God has for His people. Much preaching is about what we deserve as Christians and how God wants to give us everything, minus, of course, any sacrifices, struggles, or hardships. But for today, think for a moment about serving and see how it changes your perspective. Today be a servant to the Lord and to others.