Monday, October 17, 2016

Images promoting the new Satanic Temple cult and their intrusion into society.
‘Tis the season re be satanic, the month of October, climaxed by the holiday of Halloween, the devil’s day. What better time to introduce a new satanic strategy from those folks over at the Satanic Temple. You know, the group that wanted to say satanic prayers to open Scottsdale, AZ City Council meetings (CLICK HERE to read my blog of February 22, 2016, “Satanism Triumphs.”); the same bunch who erected a hideous statue of the half-human, half-goat symbol of Satan in Detroit (CLICK HERE to read my blog of July 16, 2015, “Devil in Detroit.”); and the same folks who tried to place a larger-than-life image of Lucifer on state grounds in Oklahoma City. Is it any wonder that they have now succeeded in getting state grounds in Oklahoma City? Is it any wonder that they have now succeeded in getting an after-school Satan Club in Portland, Oregon schools? (The same city that holds an annual nude bicycle race.) The Satanic Temple argued that if Child Evangelism Fellowship could organize “Good News Clubs” for Christianity on public, school property that devil-worshippers should be accorded the same opportunity. Some politically correct idiot in the school system agreed with that demonic logic, and gave Satanists the OK.

If you’re a Satanist, spare me your convoluted logic about not believing in a real devil; about the use of Satan as an archetype of unbridled human passion; about your attempts to restore rationalism to culture and ban Christian superstition. I have a couple of simple questions for the Temple: How many hospitals have you built? To how many Third World countries have you brought medical teams and clean water? How many homes for the destitute and dying have you chartered, as did Mother Teresa? What great works of art can you claim to rival Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel? What majestic orchestrations have you composed to match Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring?”

You Satanists, from Crowleyites to Lavey acolytes, from Thelemites to Setians, I’ve debated your top leaders and foremost spokespersons. Your logic is shallow, your purposes are devious, and your desire for public attention is pathetic. With a few exceptions, you are spoiled brats, lazy malcontents, and media-whores, selling yourselves to Satan for 15 minutes of dubious fame. Grow up. Get a real job. Get an education and contribute something to society. Learn a little about the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western Civilization. Congratulations, you have one month a year, and one day a year, Halloween, to celebrate your vacuous and vile philosophy. And if you don’t repent, you’ll have all eternity with a very real devil who will be your companion in torment.

An encouraging word: BE OF ONE MIND IN CHRIST
In the third chapter of his first Epistle, verse 8, Peter exhorts Christians to be “be of one mind.” Wow, that’s a tall order. Unanimity among Christians? It’s possible, but only if we set our egos and theological pet peeves aside. Peter goes on to give a clue how harmony can be achieved: “love as brothers.” Loving one another in spite of our differences. That’s the key. Today, I challenge you to connect with a Christian who doesn’t go to your church, and who may not see eye to eye with you theologically. Make a friend of them and pursue the goal of being of “one mind” with the other believer in Christ. You may light a fire that will spread to others.

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