Wednessday, June 18, 2014

Bob confronts Adam the Satanist


Each week we post a new deliverance session on our YouTube exorcism channel. These postings have become a phenomenon, with many exorcism examples “going viral” with more than half a million views. Our total views, in less than two years, are now near 3.5 million! More than 120 examples of casting out demons have been posted, and many more are on the way. Through our YouTube outreach, more people have witnessed the power of God through deliverance than previously in the entire 2,000 years history of the church!


This week we did something a little different. Instead of our usual exorcism we featured my confrontation with a Satanist named Adam who attended our recent Chicago seminar. He explained his attraction to self-styled Satanism, with influence from Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. Adam, who described himself as a bit of a bedecked “Christmas tree” of the occult, was covered in demonic tattoos, including Egyptian hieroglyphic and quotes from The Book of the Dead. Ironically, he told about his fascination with our ministry by saying that our “work is inspiring” and that he appreciates what we do.


After anointing Adam and confronting his demons, I spoke a blessing over him, according to Luke 6:27-28. (To see the entire video CLICK HERE.) That Satanists would come to an exorcism seminar says a lot about the respect this ministry garners on the other side. I only wish that Christians who reject the ministry of deliverance were as magnanimous. And I pray that Adam and his friends may someday experience the love of Christ. Thank God for the opportunity to build bridges toward those outside the Christian church.

An encouraging word:  PERCEPTION BECOMING REALITYPsalm 3:6 declare, “I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people who have set themselvesagainst me all around.” That is an extraordinary statement of faith. As someone has observed, there is a danger in letting your perspective become your reality. It’s like an airplane pilot in a fog going by sight and not by his instruments. I have been an airline passenger in such weather and marveled at how the pilots discipline themselves to ignore what they see outside the window. That’s the way to not fear what’s around you. Keep your eyes on the accurate instrument of God’s Word, such as Psalm 3:6.


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