Wednesday, July 9, 2014

OKC Civic Center Music Hall, scene of scheduled satanic Black Mass.



Oklahoma City, best known for Will Rogers, oil, and a successful NBA team, is now in an uproar over Satanists in their city. Earlier this year, Satanists planned a public Black Mass at Harvard University. (Blog dated May 13, 2014, “Satan Goes to Harvard.” To read CLICK HERE.) Protesters were successful in getting that event to be canceled. The latest battle over the public right to celebrate Satan is being waged over the scheduled satanic ritual planned for September 21 at the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall by a group calling itself Dakhma of Angra Mainyu [“the destroyer of good, conveyor of death and disease”]. (Their web site boldly declares, “I stopped fighting my inner demons. We’re on the same side now.”) The spokesperson for the Music Hall says it’s not her job to determine whether the event should be canceled. “That’s not for us to judge,” Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock stated. “We are a city-funded facility  . . . we must operate in a position of neutrality.” The city assures citizens that there were will no nude woman on the altar, as is customary in such a demonic ritual.


So the sacrilegious ceremony will likely go forward, but don’t expect a full house for the $15 per ticket event. The auditorium where the Mass will be held only seats 92 so the main benefit for the devil is likely to be the publicity this generates, not general public interest in the meeting. What also makes this matter a little messy is the revelation that the head honcho of OKC Satanism is a registered sex offender


What should the good Christian Citizens of Thunderland (NBA inside joke) do? Pray for the pervert who  is behind this. Quietly do everything legally to get it canceled. (No sense in sitting back and allowing even one person to attend and thus become potentially demonized.) Then, sit back and refuse to give the Dakhma a further public platform to spew their demonic dribble. Will Rogers, the city’s most noted favorite son, is famous for having said, “I never met a person I didn’t like.” If he were alive today and could attend the OKC satanic meeting in September, he might change his mind.

An encouraging word: OVERCOME EVIL WITH GOODWith all the evil in the world today it’s easy to get a bit discouraged. The forces of moral disintegration seem to triumph on every side. The story is told of Mother Teresa going to a shopkeeper to get some bread to be donated for starving children. The man reportedly spat in her face. She replied, “That’s what you do to me. But what are you going to do for the children?” Humbled, the man gave her bread. Romans 12:21 puts it this way: Overcome evil with good. The next time you are disrespected, try the biblical way of handling the situation.


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