Tuesday, February 18th 2014

Miranda Barbour leaving the courthouse.

Elytte Barbour, also charged with murder..

The story has been all over the news the past couple of days. Miranda Dean Barbour, 19, says that she and her new husband, Elytte Barbour, went on a satanic killing spree from Alaska to Texas and on to North Carolina. They were finally caught in Pennsylvania where the two used Craigslist to lure an electrical engineer to his death by stabbing. Barbour claims that this victim was one of many others — all murdered for the devil. “When I hit 22 [victims], I stopped counting,” she said in a jailhouse interview. Most were in Alaska where she claims to have joined a satanic sect at age 13. Miranda also told reporters she doesn’t want out of jail, fearing she would kill again if released. She has even offered to show police where the bodies are. More facts will undoubtedly come to light as police investigators check further into the story.

Several issues come to my mind. Could this be possible? Of course. I have encountered many such cases in several decades of ministry. Some of the accounts told to me were admittedly shrouded in murky memories of cult torture and drug manipulation, but the idea of killing to please the devil is a consistent theme. Some satanic cults require truly committed members to break all the 10 commandments, murder being one of them. This story seems phenomenal and efforts will be made to discount it. Three decades ago I ministered to serial killer Henry Lee Lucas who, at the time, was said to be the most prolific murderer in American history. I testified at his trial, after Lucas asked me to meet with him in his jail cell for prayer and full confession of his crimes. He described to me in detail how the cult he belonged to operated and the way that he dispatched his victims. The media was vested in disproving his story and made considerable effort to discredit him, especially when his ego got carried away and he inflated his kill count on death row. But what he told me alone, behind bars, is much like Miranda Barbour’s story. Time will hopefully separate fact from fiction, but whether it was one, 22, or more, there is at least one Craigslist corpse to prove that a deadly deed was indeed done for the devil.

An encouraging word:  HEAR MY PRAYER

“Hear my prayer!” David’s cry in Psalm 17:6 is echoed throughout Scripture. “Hear my prayer” (Psalm 102:1); “Hear my voice” (Psalm 119:149); “Hear my voice” (Psalm 130:2; 141:1); “Hear my prayer” (Psalm 143:1). Very consistent. Do you ever pray like this, crying out for the Lord to really listen to what you say? God wants to hear your fervency, your insistency, your desperation when you cry out to Him. Unfortunately, a lot of prayers are droll, lifeless, and almost cavalier. I encourage you. The next time you come before the Lord, let Him know you are serious. Start out boldly and forcefully by saying, “Hear me!” That may the time you finally get an answer.

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