DATELINE: Liberate London Mission  

The Teenage Exorcists and I are safely back in America, but we are still sorting through all the memories of our LIBERATE LONDON mission. You’ll recall that earlier this week that I shared the stirring story of Joseph. He’s the young man we met at the subway station while we were doing street evangelism. He told us about making his own Ouija Board. Joseph prayed to accept The Lord and turn his back on the occult and discarded the pentagram pendant he wore around his neck. We later reported how he came to our meeting at Amazing Grace Church of London and broke his handmade Ouija Board. But there’s a sidebar to this story we didn’t mention.

Joseph’s girlfriend Shannon accompanied him to the meeting. After Joseph broke his Board, the couple prepared to leave when I noticed the pendant that Shannon was wearing around her neck, a large crucifix overlaid with three roses and a skull. “Where did you get that?” I asked. Shannon said her mother gave it to her. “Do you know what it signifies?” I asked further. She had no idea, so I explained the meaning of this design. I expect that most readers of this blog have seen similar artistic depictions and had no idea of the significance.

The skull, of course, is a symbol of death and the devil. The three roses also signify death. Roses are beautiful flowers and can mean love and romance. But in the occult, things change. The so-called “Rosy Cross” is symbol of the demonic cult that goes by the name Rosicrucianism (also linked to the Illuminati and Freemasonry). A famous maxim of Rosicrucianism says: “We have the Mason word and second sight. Things to come we can foretell aright.” When coupled with a skull imposed over a cross, the three roses decidedly mean evil. After explaining this to Shannon, she promptly walked to the garbage bin and threw the polluted cross away. What a brave act for this lovely young woman who only an hour earlier had heard the gospel for the first time! How I wish that all mature Christians were so sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Shannon and her rosy cross necklace.