Wenesday, August 20, 2014


Rebellion in rock ‘n’ roll isn’t news. But when it’s one rock star rebelling against another, that’s news. And when the rebellion is Nicki Sixx of Motley Crue against Gene Simmons of KISS, that’s REALLY news. The occasion was comments by Gene Simmons in regards to public discussions regarding suicide in the aftermath of the death of Robin Williams. In a ridiculously unguarded moment, Simmons (he of tongue-extended fame) said of those battling suicidal depression, I don’t get along with anybody who’s a drug addict and has a dark cloud over the head and sees themselves as a victim. For a putz 20-year-old kid to say, ‘I’m depressed. I live in Seattle’. F*** you, then kill yourself.”

As a former heroin addict who battled suicidal depression, Sixx went on the offensive against the self-proclaimed God of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Said Sixx, “I like Gene but in this situation, I don’t like Gene. I don’t like Gene’s words, because there is a 20-year-old kid out there who is a Kiss fan and reads this and goes, ‘You know what? He’s right. I should just kill myself’.”

Bravo! Mind you, Nikki Sixx hasn’t exactly been a paragon of virtue, especially in the wilder days of Crue stardom and “Girls, Girls, Girls” fame (insider Crue reference). But now sober and a father of four (even some rock stars grow up someday) he more sanely sees the importance of public personalities watching what they say. Simmons, who once questionably bragged of bedding “thousands” of women, will hopefully keep his tongue in and mouth shut when it comes to life and death issues.

An encouraging word:  BEWARE CARELESS WORDS

“Men will have to account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.” That warning of Jesus in Matthew 12:36 is very serious. We’ve all said regretful things in careless moments of frustration or anger. Harsh words, condemning words, bigoted words, and for some lukewarm Christians even curse words. Thank God that He is merciful when we confess our sins. If we all had to answer for every instance of impudence with what we say, we’d be in grave spiritual danger. Right now might be a good moment to stop and ask the Lord to forgive you for every “idle word” you’ve spoken in haste.

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