Thursday, August 14, 2014

In age of foul-mouthed comedians whose stock-and-trade is four-letter expletives to stun already desensitized audiences, Robin Williams could have them laughing with just his quick wit and zaniness. As a clown, an alien, or a genie, he delighted all ages. Those who knew him and have paid tribute have universally said that he was basically a decent man. Sure, they were some foibles, as I mentioned in my Monday blog “Robin Williams’ Demons” (to read CLICK HERE). But on the whole, especially by Hollywood standards, he was a good individual. So why would someone so kind and caring kill himself by hanging from a belt wedged in a closet door? We don’t know yet, and may never know, the exact answer. But you might as well ask that question of hundreds of thousands of friends and loved ones of other inexplicable suicide victims. Suicide kills; more yearly than car accidents, prostate cancer and leukemia. About 39,000 annually and growing. Why? Here are my thoughts. Suicide has become epidemic and results from a variety of causes, including:

  • Depression brought on by life circumstances.
  • Brain chemistry that is somehow out of balance.
  • Long standing and untreated or poorly-treated mental illness.
  • Demonization resulting from generational curses or personal occult involvement.

Often it’s a combination of the above. But it’s the latter cause that concerns me because of my calling. There are demons that go by the name Suicide. This is not to suggest that everyone who commits suicide has a demon; but many do. Demons calling themselves “Death” and “Destruction” stalk those who are vulnerable. If you know someone who is suicidal, by all means get them proper medical and psychological help; but also consider that inner healing and exorcism are modalities of spiritual intervention that may be just as necessary. I pray that if any good comes of this tragedy it will be an awareness of insisting that those in profound despair should be forced, by those who care, to get the right kind of help of every kind.



An encouraging word:  LET GOD JUDGE YOU


Passing the buck of responsibility is a national pastime. Politicians do it with ease. Entertainers employ expensive spin doctors to do it for them. Even pastors excuse moral failures in theologically creative language. We’ve all heard the one, “The dog ate the homework.” But the psalmist David cries in Psalm 7:8, “Judge me, O Lord.” A jury of one’s peers is a tough obstacle to fool, but no one can lie to God. In our times of moral obfuscation and lame excuses, we need more spiritual leaders who will cry out fervently, “God adjudicate my life, my words, and my actions!”

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