Tuesday, April 22nd 2014


NOTE: By “War Front” I mean both literal and spiritual

Dateline Kiev & Kharkov: Landed in Kiev after 5 flights and 36 hours travel. Layover met pastors who spent time on the Maidan where the barricades and revolution took place, overthrowing the corrupt leader Yunakovych. Stories of families torn apart-some supporting Russian takeover of Crimea and some on the side of Ukraine. Young Ukrainians signing up en masse for possible war with Russia. News media not telling that Ukrainians are already digging trenches at the border with Russia to stop tanks. Flight to Kharkov and meeting with nearly 2,000 people. Powerful exorcism of Lena. Ancestors sacrificed to Satan. Met young man I performed wedding for one year ago. He now heads a drug rehab center. After drive 3 hours to Pershotravensk. To bed exhausted at 2:30 a.m.

Dateline Pereshotravensk: Easter Sunday morning service. Over 2,000 present. Church presents 2-hour musical unlike any you’d see in America. Incredible talent and Broadway musical quality. Amazing! I minister Easter message of hope. Mayor of city on front row. After 4-hour service, drive 1+ hours to Novomoskovsk. Going 108 mph down pothole-filled Ukrainian road. I protest. Interpreter says, “I think your roads in America are too smooth and boring.” No one but me wears seat belts. Angels be with us. Soldiers everywhere. Huge army trucks headed to Russian border. Every few miles stopped by gun-toting soldiers. They are barricaded behind huge sandbag “fortresses.” They say they are looking for Russian agents infiltrating the country to cause unrest. We drive on. It is spring and trees and bushes are in brilliant bloom. All seems tranquil in the countryside but fear lurks underneath.

Dateline Novomoskovsk: 500+ people waiting for another Easter service. Meet team of Edra, Mike, and Savannah there. Exorcism of Tamara with demon of Rejection. I and team minister personally to scores who manifest demons. Service 4 hours.

Dateline-Recap first 24 hours in Ukraine: 3 cities; nearly 5,000 people; little sleep; spiritual excitement is high; people speak of danger all around and willingness to fight for their freedom; must be careful what I say to avoid politics; Largest TV network in Russia wants to make a movie about me but have to tell them no for now; conditions between Ukraine and Russia too volatile. All this in 24 hours? Bed sure feels good. Tomorrow National Day of Prayer for Ukraine situation. I will speak to 20,000 people via satellite uplink to 18 cities. God is so blessing our ministry. Wish all our friends and partners could be here to witness what their prayers and support are producing. I love the Ukrainian people. They are so hungry to be free spiritually and politically.


An encouraging word:  DON’T SKIP THE WEEPING

When David wrote, “Weeping may endure for a night,” (Psalm 30:5) he put forth an important truth. Too often we focus on the promise that follows in that verse, “But joy comes in the morning.” We all want the exuberance that comes after suffering. But let’s not skip over the weeping. In fact, sometimes it is sorrow that leads us to our greatest joys. God knows this and in His wisdom does not always shield us from tragedy and heartache. As a current pop song says, “You only miss the sun when it starts to snow . . . only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low.” By all means let’s look forward to the joys of life. But don’t jump too quickly over the weeping which may have life-lessons worth noting.

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