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imageWEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA – During the seminar, a Jamaican woman named Charmaine, manifested an usual demon named Twister. The spirit said that he was the “twisting” part of Leviathan, a demon that Charmaine had been partially delivered of by another ministry. Over and over the demon said of his host, “No peace, no peace,” describing his determination to destroy Charmaine’s life. In the final climactic battle to cast out Twister, a defiant African spirit, the woman’s two daughters, ages 22 and 16, enthusiastically joined Bob in telling the demon to leave. When it was over, mother and daughters hugged one another and wept for joy.

imageONTARIO, CALIFORNIA – The seminar was nearly concluded when Pastor Bob noticed a woman named Gina on the front row. Just for a moment, the demon gave Bob “that look.” Minutes later, Gina was in the midst of a physically explosive exorcism. The demon declared he was the Lord of Darkness, and drew his power from murderous blood rituals of a satanic cult. When Pastor Bob finally forced the demon to life the blood covenant curse, Gina was freed.

imageATLANTA, GA – As Pastor Bob concluded his teaching and started to walk into the audience to stir up demons, a young woman on the third row erupted violently. Her exorcism was noteworthy for the fact that this diminutive lady could barely be controlled by five men. During the exorcism, it was revealed that she had been brutally, sexually abused as a small child. Her own father had arranged for a group of men to violate her, while he stood and watched, a crime that resulted in his being sent to prison. The spirit of Jezebel bragged that Brittoney had been given over to demons as a child, due to the abuse. But this night in Atlanta, Brittoney’s nightmare ended as she began the journey to the restoration of her life.

imagePASADENA, CA – The dramatic deliverance of Cynthia caught the attention of international media. The cameras of Australia’s #1 TV show, “60 Minutes,” were rolling as Bob and the teenage exorcists confronted the demons in this young, Hispanic woman. Cynthia was seated next to the host of “60 Minutes,” an ironic coincidence. The exorcism uncovered a seven-generation curse going back to China, controlled by a demon of Death named Radasha. The power of the curse was in a king who tortured people before he killed them. Of Cynthia, who had suffered life-long rejection and the trauma of a rape, the demon declared, “No one wanted her so I took her!” (She, in fact, had herself been conceived by rape.) When the deliverance was over, Bob’s daughter Brynne prayed a special anointing over Cynthia for all her hurt to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

imageMINNEAPOLIS, MN – It was 13 years ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota that Pastor Bob Larson performed his first public exorcism. More than a decade later, Bob is still going strong, as demonstrated by his confrontation with demons in the Twin Cities, for two nights. The first night, he was hosted by the Russian-speaking Non-Denominational Church of Jesus Christ, a group started by Russian immigrants. Two women received remarkable deliverances. Cheryl described how her father had beaten her bloody at the age of four to demand that she accept Christ as her Savior. She was delivered from a spirit of Antichrist. Loretta told the tearful story of being repeatedly sexually abused as a child. She had followed Bob for years on the radio, and now had come to see him in person and receive deliverance. The following night, a young man named Bryan exhibited some of the most dramatic manifestations of demonic possession ever seen publically. Bob and his prayer team battled the demons for more than an hour during the seminar, and even continued after the audience was dismissed. These three miracles in Minneapolis were a testimony that the same Jesus who set people free 13 years ago is still at work today! And Pastor Bob is still on the hunt for devil and his demons. In the words of Bryan’s demon, spoken directly to Bob: “We all know who you are. Why do you keep sending us back to Hell?”

imageWACO, TEXAS – Thirty-six-year-old Brandon erupted sat calmly in the audience until Pastor Bob came to him and touched him with the Cross of Deliverance. Brandon erupted violently and Bob recruited the four largest men in the room the hang on to him. Brandon had been severely abused as a child, but the key to him deliverance was an ancestral, dissociated personality Oscar, who declared he served on a Spanish pirate ship in the 1500s. Oscar had been traumatized by the atrocities he saw the pirates commit and that curse connected with the abused Brandon suffered in his life. After resolving Oscar’s issues, Pastor Bob confronted the demon behind the Curse of Oscar and cast him out. After a physically exhausting struggled, Brandon collapsed on the floor. He rose to his feet a few minutes later to rejoice in his victory over the demons of addiction that had torment him since a child.

imageRALEIGH, NC – Wanda was just one several people manifesting demons during Pastor Bob’s Raleigh seminar, but she was the one to receive an amazing exorcism. Having just gone through a recent, bitter divorce she was filled with bitterness and rejection. A demon of anger quickly rose up as Bob started to minister. But the key was confronting an angry personality alter who was still hanging on to hatred toward men. After resolving the dissociative identity, Bob called forth the demon, a spirit of witchcraft going back more than 400 generations. As the exorcism progressed, the demon turned from a mocking, sarcastic demeanor to cries of torment. In the end, Wanda collapsed briefly on the floor, but soon rose to her feet, jumping and thrusting her arms upward in a display of victory.

imageWASHINGTON, D.C. – Brandon, a young, handsome African-American, sat calmly in the audience until Pastor Bob approached him to rebuke Satan. Suddenly, four of the biggest men in the room were required to keep this young man under control as his demons manifested. (After the exorcism, Bob learned that Brandon was surfing the internet earlier in the week and came across articles about this ministry. He curiously decided to attend the seminar, never imagining that he would undergo an exorcism.) A demon of Death violently manifested, claiming he went back 50 generations “to the time of Napoleon.” The evil spirit gave his name in Hebrew, claiming that he came from an area in northern African were people consider themselves descendants of King Solomon and claim the Jewish faith as Sephardic Jews. After an intense struggle, the curse was broken and Brandon was freed, rejoicing in this “chance” encounter with the real exorcist.

imageATLANTA, GA – The moment Pastor Bob rebuked the devil in his Atlanta seminar, a tall, stately African American woman named Celina flew from her chair to the floor. She writhed in agony until Pastor Bob brought her to the front and confronted the demons. Celina described how her life had been surrounded by death, which caused her to seek out a “spiritual advisor.” Bob warned Celina that this so-called “advisor” was a witch. As Celina renounced her journey into witchcraft, a demon manifested, whose name “Hogotto” means “death” in West African witchcraft. The curse of this demon came from Celina’s ex-husband, who became involved in a Beaufort County, South Carolina cult promoting indigenous, African witchcraft called Ekaabo. In this back-to-Africa village known as Oyotunji, voodoo and Yoruba/Orisa witchcraft is openly practiced. Not only was Celina delivered but she also broke the curse on her teenage daughter.

imagePASADENA, CALIFORNIA – As soon as Pastor Bob began confronting demons in his seminar, Cindy abruptly began snarling and screaming. Two strong men held her as the demons inside her fought back, declaring to Bob, “I hated you from the moment I saw you!” The violence and stubbornness of this demon contrasted sharply with the sweet personality of this 19-year-old. Cindy said she her family was originally from Central America, and Bob immediately identified this as a Mayan ancestral demon. The spirit gave its name as Homasenta, which meant “I like blood.” He came from a curse going back 800 generations to Mayan human sacrifices. (To accomplish 800 generations the demon had to afflict Cindy’s family line both trans-generationally [chronologically] and intra-generationally [extended family members within each chronological generation]). Cindy broke the curse and was freed, her demonic screams turning to shouts of joy.

imageDENVER, COLORADO – Avery was the friend of a young woman who was satanically abused, and wanted the friend to come to Bob’s seminar. The woman never showed up, but Avery did. She sat on the front row with her new husband of three months, Jerry. When Bob confronted Avery, a horribly evil entity manifested. Bob knew almost immediately that this was not a demon, but an ancestral alter. The alter identified itself as Elijah, a Muslim living in France in 1760, having migrated from what is now Saudi Arabia. After much convincing, Pastor Bob led Elijah to peace with Christ and confronted the chief demon, who declared, “I am the darkness inside the soul.” The demon, who gave his name as Satam, released Avery and future generations from its curse, and was cast out. Afterwards, Pastor Bob researched the name Satam on the internet and discovered it was the name of one of the Saudi Arabian terrorists who hijacked American Airlines number 11 and flew it into the North Twin Tower in New York City.