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Bob & three Norwegian lawyers.

It’s a long way from Norway to North Carolina. A very long way to witness God’s power and find deliverance.  But last week these three Norwegian lawyers, Bjorn, Tor, and Kristian, flew to Charlotte to attend our seminar. They had seen the Norwegian TV documentary concerning our ministry that aired a year ago. Norwegian state television had sent a camera crew to follow me for a week. They were intrigued that a son of Norway (my great grandfather on my dad’s side emigrated from there) had become well-known as an exorcist. Along the way the TV producer discovered that my ancestors left Norway because of terrible living conditions. They sailed for Chicago when my grandfather was just a child.

They were allowed to go to America because my great grandfather was a priest! I am here in America because of blessings coming from the call of God on the life of an ancestor. These three Norwegian lawyers found freedom because of that blessing.

They followed the blessing, and they were blessed.  The same can happen to you. FOLLOW THE BLESSING AND BE BLESSED!

You may follow the blessings to one of our seminars, like these men did. You may follow the blessing to a one-one-one spiritual encounter where I’ll pray with you and minister healing and deliverance. You may follow the blessing to one of our books or DVDs. I strong encourage you to follow the blessing to our International School of Exorcism® by enrolling today.

Don’t put off today following the blessing to find hope and freedom.

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