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Face-To-Face Skype Encounters with Bob Larson

Your chance to receive ministry from Bob Larson in the privacy and comfort of your own home! Let us save a spot for you!

Receive ministry, get your life on track, and experience healing and deliverance at YOUR CONVENIENCE. Bob Larson will personally minister to you, while you sit comfortably in your own home. No plane flights, no expensive gas, no hotel costs.

Here’s what people say of their time with bob:

  • “One hour with Bob was worth more than a year of counseling.”
  • “After years of torment in my soul, body, and even my house, I’m free.”

If you don’t have a computer to Skype your Encounter visually, you can still receive ministry from Bob with a phone Encounter. Call 303-980-1511 for details.

To schedule your Personal Skype Encounter with Bob call now 303-980-1511.

*Since Skype calls are so inexpensive we welcome our international friends around the world. International Skype inquires may contact us at SkypeEncounter@BobLarson.org.