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Single DVDs $9.95 each

ANCESTRAL GENERATIONAL DISSOCIATION – Bob unlocks the keys to understanding ancient curses.

ANSWERS FOR OBJECTIONS TO EXORCISM – This DVD provides information to share with those who believe Christians can’t have a demon.

BEST OF TALK BACK – After being constantly asked about these memorable moments, I’ve gone into the archives to find the best audio and video footage available and put it into a new Classic Collection, a fascinating DVD and CD called THE BEST OF TALK-BACK. The DVD footage I discovered is amazing. You actually see the demons in the eyes of those who worship Satan. The audio CD will remind you of the evil we face every day and the devil’s relentless plan to attack Christians

BLESSING FUTURE GENERATIONS – DVD by Pastor Laura Larson (Pastor Bob Larson’s wife). She explains how you bless future generations over your family and your children.

BOB LARSON’S TOP 10 EXORCISMS – Bob equips Christians with valuable information to combat demons and the devil by featuring his top ten public exorcisms.

CAN A CHRISTIAN HAVE A DEMON? – In-depth biblical analysis of this controversial question. Plus, you’ll witness an actual exorcism of a young Christian man, proving that Christians can have demons.

CONFRONTING CHRISTIAN CULTS – Bob warns against the most populated cults, which are Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons. Learn how these two cults deceive, because that is how all cults deceive.

DANGER OF DENYING DELIVERANCE – This DVD tells the remarkable story of how I came very close to performing an exorcism on Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. That exorcism might have saved his life!

DEMONS & THE DA VINCI CODE – Bob’s take on the book, The Da Vinci Code

DEVIL PROOFING PRAYERS – Learn the seven kinds of prayers you can pray to ward off Satan’s attacks. These are seven keys to truly walk in spiritual freedom.

EXPOSING THE SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL – A frank presentation on how this demon intrudes into marriage, sex, and church life. Learn why Jezebel is the root of all sexual perversion and abuse

FIVE FACTS TO OVERCOME CURSE – A step-by-step explanation of how to conquer curses with a scriptural basis for breaking the evil of one’s ancestors.

FOUR LAWS OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE – Learn how to confront, identify, deal with and cast out demons.

HOW CHRISTIANS ARE AFFECTED BY CURSES – Explodes the myth that Christians are automatically protected by the sins of their ancestors once they confess Christ. Valuable insights into how Christians are cleverly targeted by demons.

HOW TO BREAK GENERATIONAL CURSES – Bob teaches, in detail, how Satan continues his evil through the family bloodline, generation to generation. You must see this DVD to prevent Satan’s attacks on your children and grandchildren. You may not live a wild and immoral life, but you may still be cursed by your ancestors.

HOW TO BREAK UNDESERVED CURSES – Bob explains how to break curses and how to protect your life from underserved curses.

HOW TO GET FREE FROM REJECTION – Bob’s wife Laura Larson shares an insightful message on the effects of rejection and how to overcome the hurt of being unloved or unwanted.

HOW TO HEAL THE PAIN OF THE PAST – Bob teaches the right and wrong way to extend forgiveness and deal with hurts and abuse of the past.

HOW TO REACH THE POINT OF THE PAIN – Discover how abuse, trauma and injustices in your past may be an open door for demonic torment.

JEZEBEL, WHO SHE IS AND WHAT SHE DOES – Learn how the spirit of Jezebel interferes with churches today.

LOS FUNDAMENTOS HACER LIBERCION – This fundamental teaching of how to do deliverance is translated into Spanish. Learn step-by-step the key facts about spiritual warfare.

SELF DELIVERANCE – Rev. Bob takes you step-by-step through the inner healing and deliverance process, one-on-one. You can experience freedom by watching alone in the comfort of your home.

SIX ENTRIES OF EVIL – Find out how demons enter from willful sin, inherited curses, occult indulgence, addictions, and abandonment. The explanation of how possession occurs through substance abuse is particularly helpful.

SIX STRONGHOLDS OF SATAN – Explains why unresolved emotions such as fear, anger, rejection, depression, self-hatred, and abuse are doorways to the soul.

Two-Three Hour DVDs $19.00

DEMONS OR DISSOCIATION (MPD) – How to deal with Multiple Personality Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Learn to distinguish between the psychological and the spiritual when identifying demonic oppression.

FREEDOM FROM PORNOGRAPHY – Learn how to get free from pornography.

HOW TO DO DELIVERANCE – In four detailed teachings, Bob explains the basics of exorcism and deliverance. Excellent for those already ministering deliverance and those who want to introduce their church to this important ministry of Christ.

HOW TO HAVE AUTHORITY OVER DEMONS – Learn the difference between spiritual “power” and “authority” and the role of faith to overcome evil. Claim your right to victory over all satanic forces and break every curse on your life

INNER HEALING – Discover the important difference between body, soul, and Spirit. Be healed of soul wounds that hold you back from spiritual freedom. Know how to distinguish between mental illness and demonization.

PULLING DOWN STRONGHOLDS – Bob explains in detail how demons stay in once they get in, through abuse, rejection, and depression.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DEMONS – Bob explains, in detail what you need to know about demons and how they affect Christians and how to get free from them.

Four-Six Hour DVDs $39.00

INTERNATIONAL EXORCISMS – Exciting deliverance footage as Bob does what Jesus did around the world. Includes 5 DVD’s: The Devil Inside (Australian Documentary), The Miracles of New Zealand, The Miracles in Germany, The Miracles in Eastern Europe, The Miracles of Africa.

LAST DAYS’ DELIVERANCE – (Confronting Demons in the End Times) Bob shares his teachings from the DWJD Institute – Module XIII

  • Part 1: The Difference with Demons Today I
  • Part 2: The Difference with Demons Today II
  • Part 3 : Today’s Top Ten Challenges to Deliverance I
  • Part 4: Today’s Top Ten Challenges to Deliverance II
  • Part 5 : “The Secret” Exposed
  • Part 6: The New Age in the New Millennium

SPIRITUAL WARFARE – Basic training on the spiritual principles of understanding how Satan’s kingdom operates. Practical instruction on how to deal with demons and spiritual oppression.

Seven Hours & More DVDs $49.00

ADVANCED DELIVERANCE – Bob shares his teaching from the DWJD Institute – Module XII

  • Part 1: Deliverance 101
  • Part 2: Ministering to the Mentally Challenged
  • Part 3: Deliverance in the Church
  • Part 4: Overcoming Eastern Cult Bondage
  • Part 5 :Confronting Ritual Abuse
  • Part 6: Deliverance Without Borders
  • Part 7: Healing Generational Dissociation
  • Part 8: When You Don’t Know What to Do


  • Part 1: What is a Curse
  • Part 2: What You Need to Know About Curses
  • Part 3: Curse of Illegitimacy
  • Part 4: Curse of Cults and the Occult
  • Part 5: Curse of Clandestine Cults
  • Part 6: Uncommon Curses
  • Part 7: Word Curses
  • Part 8: Curse of Conduct
  • Part 9: Ten Steps to Break Curses
  • Part 10: Lawsuit Against Satan

DO YOU HAVE A DEMON? – Seven hour DVD teaching series with 21 Demon Test® questions, explains the reason behind these important questions that determine the extent of an individual’s demonic oppression/ possession

LARSON’S LIBRARY – 16 hours on eight DVDs. Includes four hours of teaching on Inner Healing – how to deal with the effects of sexual abuse. The library features four hours each of information on demonic strongholds, spiritual authority, emotional healing, and how to do deliverance.


  • Part 1: Family Issues
  • Part 2: Childhood Imprints
  • Part 3: Spiritual Enslavement
  • Part 4: Issues of the Body and Soul
  • Part 5: Behavioral Challenges
  • Part 6: Trauma & Abuse
  • Part 7: Spiritual Experiences