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Demon Proofing Prayers


Demon Proofing Prayers
This book gives specific instructions on how to be a warrior for Jesus, how to confess your victory over the devil every day, what demons are assigned to destroy you and how to declare your authority in Christ. Don’t wait until Satan attacks and then have to drive out demons. Stop demons in their tracks before their torment is entrenched.

From the Introduction – There is a difference between spiritual warfare praying and other kinds of praying, and that difference can be seen in one particular aspect: where your prayers are directed. When the devil has invaded somebody’s life, you do not pray, “Lord, if it be Your will, deliver this person from the devil.” No, you look that demon in the eye and say, “In the name of Jesus, come out—now! Not tomorrow, right now! You refuse to give him in inch.

  • From Chapter 1

    Some people are so scared of the devil that they think merely saying his name gives him some kind of power over them. They think that if they get around spiritual warfare and demons, something is going to jump out of the dark and nab them. The devil does not land anywhere he’s not welcome. If he lands on you, then you need to look for some area of your life that has given him access

  • From Chapter 2

    Too often the followers of Christ are portrayed as the wimpiest individuals of all, spiritual geeks wearing dark-rimmed glasses and pocket-protectors, softies both physically and spiritually who subscribe to nonviolence—even when confronted by a malevolent devil. In the name of a “gentle Jesus, meek and mild,” they prefer to allow somebody else to get their hands dirty fighting. What it comes down to is that they don’t know the real Jesus at all. Jesus is a warrior and He has commissioned us as spiritual warriors too. He is our Commander-in-Chief who has conscripted us for spiritual warfare.

  • From Chapter 3

    Spiritual fighters never negotiate with the devil. This is war, not a negotiating table. Overcomers are not looking to reach a settlement. They are in the fight against the devil to achieve the all-out, total annihilation of everything the satanic forces throw at them. They are not in the war to occupy, but to conquer. They know that Jesus, their supreme commanding officer, came from Heaven to destroy the works of the devil (see 1 John 3:8), and that they have been hand-selected to continue the combat. Why should they settle for anything less than victory?

  • From Chapter 4

    Continuing to stand firm in spiritual battle guarantees that the devil and his demons will flee. So your Christian life becomes a series of victories rather than a long string of defeats. Caving in to fatigue or fear, however, guarantees that the enemy’s attacks will intensify. He does not fight fair. He will kick you when you’re down. And the sweet taste of victory will turn bitter in your mouth. Which would you rather have: victory after victory, or one defeat after another? Volunteer for active duty. Step up and take responsibility for the people and places around you. Lead out in confronting the devil. Do it yourself, even if others abandon you. You are still in good company, always. The mighty “cloud of witnesses” will cheer you on (see Hebrews 12:1).

Testimonials of those who have read Demon Proofing Prayers Book

“This book is excellent! I found huge amounts of inner strength, motivation, and inspiration to take authority over the devil. There are so few authors who can back up their life with fighting the devil like Bob Larson. There is no money I could give that would properly represent the value in what this book teaches.” Leslie

“Bob, Thank you for your awesome teaching when you came to Raleigh, NC. My girlfriend and I started group study of your book, Demon Proofing Prayers. I thank my GOD upon every remembrance of you…” JoAnne