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Curse Breaking


Dear Friend & Partner,

If you or family members suffer from abuse, poverty, divorce, disease, anger or addictions, you can stop it NOW. My new book CURSE BREAKING will end every curse suffered by you, your in-laws, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews etc. You will have freedom from the bondage of generational sin.

Last week in Siberia, Russia a lovely 33-year-old woman named Yana manifested demons. Her arms were covered with scars where she had cut herself. She abused drugs and was self-destructive. The Lord revealed that she was suffering from a family curse. A grandmother, during the starving times of Stalin, killed someone for money. This Babushka sedated the victim with certain herbs, and then buried the person alive! That curse of murder was ruining Yana’s life.

Is your family suffering from a curse? How do you break it? My new 176-page book explains:

  • Why CREMATION and TATTOOS bring a curse.
  • Ten SPECIFIC STEPS to break every curse on your family.
  • Five facts that you ABSOLUTELY MUST KNOW about curses.
  • What to do if you were illegitimately conceived or have an ILLEGITIMATE child.
  • How to SUE SATAN in the courts of Heaven & get a 7-fold return of all Satan has stolen.
  • Specific instructions on breaking curses of family members who are MORMONS or MASONS.

PLUS 25 PAGES of the most detailed curse breaking procedures ever put in print. I want you to have 4 copies of this book to break all your family curses: one for you, one for each set of in-laws, and one for your siblings. If you’re single, pass them on to a needy soul.

retails for $15.99, but I’ll send you 4 books for a gift of just $40. This is only an introductory offer so please respond quickly.

Doing What Jesus Did, Pastor Bob Larson

P.S. While I’ve spent the last 2+ weeks in Ukraine, Russia, and Siberia witnessing the greatest miracles our ministry has ever experienced, we’ve suffered our worst downturn in giving in more than a year. Last week, donations for the ENTIRE WEEK were less than any single day this entire year. As you read this, I’m traveling from Siberia to Eastern Europe to America, a four-day journey. I’ll return exhausted and under enormous stress. PLEASE lighten the load so I don’t return to a financial crisis. Your gift of $40, $140, $400 or even $4,000 is crucial. Thank you.


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