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Cross of Deliverance

imageThe Cross of Deliverance has become an icon representing the exorcism and deliverance ministry of Pastor Bob Larson and his scores of DWJD ® (Do What Jesus Did) teams worldwide. First introduced during Bob’s internationally aired TV reality show, “The Real Exorcist,” this Cross has come to symbolize the aggressive approach of this ministry to confronting the Forces of Darkness. As Pastor Bob says, “This cross is just a physical object, made of metal, like a Bible is an object of leather and paper. But wielded in faith, it represents a tangible expression of the invisible belief of the one who holds it.” Each cross has been anointed and prayed over personally by Bob. He declares that each Cross of Deliverance will be recognized in Hell as a visible extension of confidence in the victory over Satan by the Crucifixion of Christ. Those who hold this cross in their hands are identifying with the bold proclamation that our Lord has come to “destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8).

Those giving $100 or more to support our overseas mission efforts will receive, upon request, this beautiful silver cross, an exact replica of the same one Pastor Bob has used successfully in thousands of exorcisms.

Click here, to give your gift of $100 or more and Pastor Bob will send you one of these crosses.


image“My wife was ill. When I touched her with the Cross I got at Bob’s seminar, she was completely healed!”

“When Pastor Bob touched my forehead with his cross, the demons that had been tormenting me instantly manifested.”

“I keep the Cross of Deliverance by my bed at night as a reminder of God’s protecting grace.”

“Each time I hold my Cross I remember the power of God I saw when Bob used this same cross to cast out demons.”