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Bob Larson’s Personal Spiritual Coaching Program

Find the person God meant you to be!

Bob Larson has spent 30 years developing the principles of this program to discover what spiritually hinders you. Find out what’s keeping you from God’s blessings. Discover your spiritual gifts and calling. Move beyond the cycle of good intentions and broken resolutions. Overcome physical illnesses, the bondage of negative behavior, and addictions. Get to the root of your issues. Know how to break curses and change your life forever!

HOW IT WORKS: Your journey to full spiritual potential begins with your very own Personal Profile. This extensive spiritual diagnosis will uncover crucial aspects of your life you didn’t know before. Bob will personally pray over your Profile for revelation about the keys to your freedom and spiritual development. .

Those who have taken the program say:

  • In six sessions I received more than I did in six years of other kinds of help!
  • I like the accountability. I know Bob will be calling, and I need to be ready!
  • The first session was worth the entire investment if I never had another session!

HOW YOU ENROLL: The program is only $99 a week. Each session, by telephone, is 25 minutes.

Call 303-980-1511 to inquire about enrollment procedures.

NEW: You may sign up for a Skype Encounter by Clicking Here
* After you sign up for an encounter, someone from the home office will contact you to schedule your session, so please be sure to include your phone number and email when checking out.

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