Tuesday, July 1, 2014


May I share a frustration with you? Case in point: I was reading a prominent Christian web site a few days ago and saw an article entitled, “The Reality of Spiritual Warfare.” I thought to myself, “Good, at last, a mainstream ministry taking on the devil.” The article began by lamenting that too few Christians know about spiritual warfare. Amen. I kept reading, paragraph after paragraph. This lengthy article was an excellent biblical explanation regarding the origin of evil in the universe, but only once was the word “demon” used. Even Satan was seldom mentioned.  Phrases like “invisible battle raging” and “defend ourselves” and “the forces of evil.” No reference to exorcism. The word deliverance never occurred. Lots of Bible verses but not a single passage about Christ casting out demons. It was all evangelical cliques, politically correct language, and theological pleasantries. The writer said, “It is time that we, as the children of God, began living as strong soldiers of the Cross.” Yes, AND DO WHAT????


I’m sure the writer meant well, and I don’t want to be harsh or judgmental, but let’s get real. Articles like this are just words that do little to make demons tremble. In reality, there was nothing about genuine spiritual warfare in this missive. REAL SPIRITUAL WARFARE is detecting, confronting, and casting out demons! Polite prayers and strong sentiments do not set people free. I am glad this writer made an effort to broach the topic, but what was the point? If you want to know what real spiritual warfare is, read my book

DEMON PROOFING PRAYERS (ORDER HERE). Real spiritual warfare is putting on the armor of God, invading Satan’s kingdom, and taking authority over demons in the Name of Jesus. Anything less is comfortable cop out!

An encouraging word: PUT ON THE ARMOREphesians 6:12 tells us to “put on the full armor of God.” Exactly, what does that mean? To most Christian’s it’s a polite metaphor to spend an extra minute in prayer or read a couple more Bible verses in a devotional. But read all of the chapter and you’ll see it counsels being involved in real action against demonic forces. Armor isn’t worn to stay in the trenches or lounge back at the base. Armor is for engaging the enemy on the field of battle, offensively challenging the opposition. If our Enemy is the devil, we don’t wear spiritual armor to sing another praise chorus. So, put on the armor of the Lord and start aggressively taking back the territory Satan has occupied in your life.


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