Monday, September 4, 2017
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This Means War on Satan & His Demons!

Few ministries get the inquiries that we do. Some questions we receive are inciteful, others theologically challenging, and many heart-wrenching. Recently, a mother named Jill sent me an email saying, “My only child shot herself four years ago. Ever since I’ve been attacked by demons. I am a saved Christian but pray for God’s help every day. I read my Bible but nothing changes. I can’t live like this anymore. Now the demons are talking through my body. Please help. THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE TO TURN!! What do I do?”

She’s right. People with problems like this have limited sources of help. If they see a psychologist they’ll get grief counseling, and Jill probably needs it. If they talk to a psychiatrist they’ll likely be consigned to a lifetime of every-increasing medication. (Perhaps Jill may need some temporary meds to get past her anxiety and depression.) But here’s the sad part; if they talk to most ministers, they’ll get a polite prayer and be told to “read the Word more,” “go to church more,” and, of course, “give more.” Few will suggest that her problems may be related to demons. I believe that Jill needs spiritual warfare on her behalf. Real spiritual warfare!

Why? First, the fact her child committed suicide indicates something is seriously wrong with the family dynamic. Somewhere there is a curse of destruction, that likely has led to aberrational behavior in the home. Second, when her daughter killed herself a spirit of death was unleashed on the family, leading to spiritual oppression. A spiritual warfare perspective would conclude that there was pre-existing evil that drove the child to self-murder, and consequent evil attacks as the result of the tragic suicide. But the standard evangelical approach wouldn’t allow that. The position of most Christian leaders is that Christians have no need to break curses, and Christians can’t have demons. These approaches leave this mother helpless and hopeless.

That’s why our online International School of Exorcism is so important. We are teaching many hundreds of alumni in scores of countries. They complete their training with the knowledge and tools to wage real spiritual warfare, on real demons, to bring freedom to real people like Jill. Her solution is simple. Jill, contact our offices immediately to arrange an in-person one-on-one Personal Spiritual Encounter session. If not that, then arrange for a Skype Encounter (so we can see each other over the computer), or a phone Encounter. If none of these options is suitable, we have a great Do What Jesus Did deliverance team and one of our affiliated Spiritual Freedom Churches in your area. Allow us to put you in touch with them to begin the process of inner healing and deliverance. We will go to war with you to drive back the demons so you can have the live you deserve in Jesus.


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An encouraging word: DON’T BE LIKE A MULE
“Do not be like the mule, which have no understanding.” That strange verse, Psalm 32:9, has a powerful message. Through King David, God is saying that we should not be like a brute beast regarding spiritual matters. The audience of David’s time would have understood how stubborn a mule can be. They saw the implication that we humans have a higher calling than an animal. We can reason, a mule cannot. We are made in God’s image, a mule isn’t. Being obstinate with God, and strong-willed against His Word, is akin to being a donkey. That’s not exactly a compliment, any way you look at it.

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