You never know who needs deliverance. Take the case of Lora, a middle-aged, African-American woman attending my Detroit seminar.  The more I taught on breaking curses, the more agitated she became. When I approached her with my Cross of Deliverance, she screamed. At the time, I had no idea at the time that she was a deliverance minister, and her pastor was with her.

“My grandmother and mom read tea leaves and did Tarot cards. My father did blood sacrifices,” Lora said. “My ex-husband, Timothy, did a lot of voodoo in New Orleans.”

The Holy Spirit showed me exactly what to do. I looked intensely at Laura and said, “Timothy, you’re hiding in her mind. You’ve done rituals to astral-project into her soul.”

Lora’s lovely face turned hateful. She struggled violently.“How did you know I was here?” a deep male voice thundered forth.  “She belongs to me. I do witchcraft to keep her under my control.”

“You entered her mind illegally,” I declared. “You can’t violate the soul of another person. Go back where you came from and leave your demons behind to be judged!”

After a few tense minutes, the soul-fragment of Timothy left, and I called up the Strong Man.  “My name is Python!” the evil spirit spitted out. (Python is the ruling spirit of African witchcraft.) “Get that Cross away from me!”

I pressed my Cross of Deliverance on Lora and commanded Python to leave. After some jostling about and defiance from the demon, it explosively came out of Lora. She was the happiest woman in Detroit.

LEFT PICTURE: Bob confronts Lora’s demons with Cross of Deliverance. CENTER PICTURE: Lora’s demons react to Bob’s Cross of Deliverance. RIGHT PICTURE: Lora with her own Cross of Deliverance (on her right is Pastor James Vivian, DWJD Team Leader & Regional Representative; to Lora’s left is her pastor Apostle Daryl Davis).