Monday, July 10, 2017 
Francis Chan, a good man with a flawed
message about demons.


Let me be clear from the start about two things. I am using the word “preposterous” in the sense of “contrary to reason,” not stupid or ridiculous. Also, I’m going to focus on a particular preacher, because that’s the inspiration for this blog. I was browsing a Christian web site which promoted a sermon called “What every person needs to know about demons.” I am certainly open to learning anything I’ve missed when it comes to this topic. So I clicked on the YouTube link to a message by Francis Chan. To those unfamiliar with Chan, a Chinese-American, he once pastored a California megachurch but resigned to pursue other aspects of his calling, including writing. He’s a popular speaker on the evangelical circuit and widely respected. His words carry weight. So when he says that his audience is about the discover what they need to know about demons, that’s noteworthy.

I listened carefully to the 45 minute sermon, which was basic, elemental theology about Satan and demons. Nothing to rock any evangelical’s boat. And no unique insights that a committed Christian woldn’t already now. The message was way over-hyped and unrevealing. But that’s not my concern. No harm, no foul here. Hey, we need more preachers who at least bring up the subject of demons. Although I don’t personally know Chan, I presume from his spiritual credentials that he’s a good man who is sincerely comittted to spreading the gospel.

So why this blog? Over and over in his message Chan kept saying, and these are direct quotes, “If the Holy Spirit possesses your body, you can’t be possessed by a demon.” And, “If you are indwelt by God, no one else is coming in.” Worse yet, “You have to invite a demon into your life.” As to the later, not true. Check out almost any of our nearly 300 exorcisms posted on YouTube and you’ll witness born-again Christians who were born with demons, because of ancestral curses. These individuals didn’t invite demons into their souls, their ancestors did. We’ve documented more than 40,000 exorcisms, most of them performed on saved, followers of Christ. Christians can and do have demons. No one who actually practices deliverance would take Chan’s position seriously. He may be a good, and even great man of God, but he doesn’t do delivernace. He doesn’t cast out real demons from the kind of people you see on our YouTube Exorcism Channel.

Chan, like many other preposterous preachers (when it comes to to the topic of demons), are greatly used of the Lord in their area of calling. Wonderful, but why must they venture into an area they empirically, historically, and biblically know little about? Why do they insist upon directly or indirectly impugning the motives and methods of other sincere Christians who know from theology and experience that demons can inhabit the souls of believers

Chan’s message about demons wouldn’t fit in Africa. It wouldn’t be considered credible in Asia. Pastors in the Third World know that Christians can have demons. For example, check out a book I’m currently reading, “I Am Not Afraid.” It’s a serious theological study of Christian demonization from a mainistream Lutheran perspective, an epistemological look at demonic activity and exorcism among liturgical believers on the island of Madagascar.

I want to be gracious to preachers like Chan, but this war against exorcism and deliverance has to end. Christians can sometimes be demonized and they do need exorcism! Anyone with doubts needs to enroll in our International School of Exorcism which contains historical and biblical evidence regarding what every person REALLY needs to know about demons. If by chance Chan reads this blog, I offer him a complimentary enrollment.

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An encouraging word: SATAN WANTS YOUR FAITH
Faith is a critical element of Christian living. The word “faith” appears countless time in both Old and New Testaments. Without faith, you can’t please God (Heb. 11:6) but with faith you can be saved (Eph. 2:8). Faith brings fulfilled promises, healing, hope, and deliverance. In the hometown of Jesus, he couldn’t do many miracles because of unbelief. It stands to reason that if God wants your faith, Satan does too. Faith in horoscopes, fortune telling, séances, psychics and so on. To whom will you direct your faith?

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