A moral sea change is taking place in America. Nowhere is this more evident than the growing acceptance of marijuana use. USA-TODAY, in today’s entertainment section, features a lengthy article entitled, “Young celebs pipe up for pot.” The increased usage of pot is noted, courtesy of artists like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and even Justin Bieber.  In the face of this cultural onslaught, let’s get a few facts straight.

1.       Unless you live in Washington state or Colorado (and there possess small amounts for personal toking), weed is still illegal by Federal law. That may change, but it hasn’t as of now, and every pothead not getting a Rocky Mountain High or Seattle buzz is breaking the law. Plain and simple, smoke pot anywhere else and you are a criminal.

2.       Lighting up may be a PR way to “age” the Bieber brand, but it sends a terrible message to the average teen who won’t be able to afford the kind of expensive drug rehab that Bieber will need someday if he continues. Wise up, youthful pothead. You’re being taken for a high ride and the Biebs won’t be there to pick you up when you fall.

3.       I do more than cast out demons as an exorcist. I spend hundreds of hours every year counseling young people hooked on serious drugs. As old-school as it may sound to today’s hipsters, almost all got started on pot. It was the gateway, and it did get these youthful addicts on the slippery slope to drug bondage.

Don’t be fooled by the likes of Rihanna, who sports a weed leaf on her performing wardrobe and a tush tattoo promoting pot. Remember, she’s the same woman who is now back with the boyfriend who beat her.  And Lady Gaga whose perversions and blasphemies are myriad is no role model of moral rectitude.

Tomorrow, three more reason to avoid being a victim of pot propaganda.