Monday, November 28, 2016


Laura Larson with Monica Crowley at a recent
political action convention.


Americans have just been through a bruising Presidential election when it seemed that forces beyond the control of either candidate were compelling events. It was almost as if something supernatural were happening, and some self-described “prophets” are taking credit for just that. In reality it was just a long-silent electorate which expressed its will. As Fox News commentator Monica Crowley put it, this was about an “attitudinal” shift in politics. Aside from Nancy Reagan’s courting the predictions of an astrologer to guide hubby Ronnie’s decisions, the occult doesn’t play a huge role in getting elected in the U. S. A. Not so in other counties.

A recent article in “The Economist” pointed out how Asian politicians seek the other-worldly help of prognosticators. Even in North Korea, Party Communists regularly consult fortune tellers. In Thailand, the recent drafting of a constitution was timed by the stars. In China, a powerful leader was convicted of corruption. His sin? Picking a qigong master who testified against him in court. In Burma (Myanmar), the now-deposed dictator destroyed the economy by issuing strange currency in denominations 45 and 90, based on numerological advice.

The “Economist” article ridiculed such goings-on, saying, “There is as little harm in a flutter on the stars as there is on the horses.” The suggestion was that trusting divination is no more consequential than betting on the wrong horse at a race. Not so. Deuteronomy 18:10 calls such deeds of divination an “abomination.” And look at the nations mentioned in the “Economist” article. Their cultures are filled with corruption, moral laxness, and political oppression. They have enjoyed none of the freedoms and flourishing of Christianity as has America. But with today’s assault of the New Age and witchcraft on our culture, we’re headed in a dangerous direction. Per Gallup polls, currently, about 2/3 of Americans believe in psychics, ghosts, witches, and non-Christian spiritual healing. It’s clear that wherever our nation’s political attitude is headed politically, it’s spiritual attitude is going the wrong direction.

An encouraging word: WHO FEARS GOD?
Psalm 25:12 contains a promise we all should heed. It begins with a rhetorical question: “Who is the man who fears the Lord?” The verse continues to declare that God will teach that man His ways. The next verse adds the blessing that such an individual will “dwell in prosperity.” So many all around us try to get ahead in every way so that they can have a good life and acquire lots of money. But material wealth isn’t everything. How much better to fear God and know His ways and walk in them. That brings true peace and happiness.

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