A report just released by the U.S. Justice Department reveals that efforts to keep predatory pedophiles off the streets is failing. More than half the cases to keep perverts detained are being lost. Now questions are being raised about whether the legal system even has the power to keep such individuals locked up indefinitely. In the four years Obama has been in office, efforts to keep the worst child abusers off the streets have steadily been scaled back. The pace of cases to keep the most egregious offenders in permanent detention has slowed by 50%, as more and more horrific cases of pedophilia make headlines.

Most of these offenders who are not being detained are acknowledged to be dangerous and many are mentally ill. Thousands of them are serving time in federal prisons, but many will soon be out to abuse innocent children all over again. What’s happening? In some cases, judges are turning defendants lose. In other cases prosecutors give up after lengthy, expensive appeals. In the first two years of this detention program (which started seven years ago), federal prosecutors under President Bush asked for 86 men to be detained because they were judged to be too risky or psychologically unsound. In the last year under Obama, federal prosecutors requested that only nine men be detained.

The fault may or may not be Obama’s, but the progressive liberals he has placed everywhere in the federal government seem to have less interest in pursuing the safety of our children.  Maybe the President is spending too much time playing golf with a serial adulterer, Tiger Woods, to worry about our children. If the government is having problem detaining repeat pedophile offenders, here’s a solution. Capital punishment. Three strikes and you’re out. The third time a child molester is convicted, there is no permanent detention. Instead, execution!